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Virtual university is a distance learning University similar to AIOU. It is located in Lahore close to Raiwind road.  The technology used for imparting distance learning is much improved compared to AIOU. In addition virtual university Pakistan has 200 campuses across Pakistan which are not really university campuses in the traditional sense but like learning and study centers. These study centers conduct examinations and labs for those courses where lab is required.

Virtual university is also offering a 2 year Bachelors degree in addition to the regular 4 year degrees. However in my opinion NO BODY should be doing a two years bachelors, as then you have to do a MSc or MA and then another MS of two years. Plus after doing a two year bachelors you are left with only those universities that offer the old MA or MSc programs which are very few. So its much better to do a 4 year bachelors. Another reason for not doing 2 year BA/BSc is that in the event you are unable to do a masters you ll be left with nothing that is recognized internationally and you ll be considered just a FA/FSc abroad which is really a waste of two years of your time.

The degrees offered by Virtual University are recognized by HEC, however please do keep in mind that a distance learning degree always has less worth and value compared to a regular degree. So don’t do a virtual degree unless you don’t have any other option (for eg if you living in village and cannot move to a city or town or a you are a female who cannot go out of the house due to various cultural reasons). Distance learning graduates are not preferred for jobs specially in the private sector and particularly by multinational companies.

Another draw back of virtual education is that you miss out the entire experience of a university life. In a university you just don’t learn the courses but a lot more as you are in an educational and dynamic environment. You also miss the opportunity of networking with your class mates which become very important later in your job hunt.

Having said all of the above I have now listed the degrees offered by virtual university of Pakistan, just in case you have no other option.

Bachelors degrees (4 year)


Accounting and finance

Banking and finance



Computer sciences


Mass communications


Public administration


Bachelors degree ( 2 years)


Computer sciences


Business administration


Mass communications


One year diploma in CS and IT

Masters ( 2 years, you need 14 years of education for these)


Master of business studies – You have to do an MBA after this otherwise I think this is useless


Business economics – Maybe a combination of economics and BBA ?

Computer sciences


Public administration

MBA and MS in business administration (after 16 years of education)



Certificate courses of one semester (need 16 years of education)

Banking, finance, HRM, Management, Marketing, MIS




Tuition fees are less than other private universities and vary for different programs. The per credit hour fee is Rs 500-700. What this means is that you take around 18 credit hours per semester at the undergraduate level so the fee comes to around Rs 9000 per semester (6 months, as there are two semesters in a year)



You can apply online at

Phone 0800-88088


Need and merit based scholarships are available for deserving students.


You can ask any question regarding virtual university here

or in discuss below to get an answer within 24 hours

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    “Sab sy aik sawal hai please meri help kar dhy agar hum B.B.A 4 year ka kar rahay ho aur hum degree requirement pori na kar saky yani cgpa 2.0 sy kum ho aur tamam subjects pass kar ly tu humay phr reult card tu milay gha na? Jaisay matric aur intermediate pass karnay kay baad reult card milta hai

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      Please post your question on

  • ali

    distance learning education/University concept taken from European countries. This system is successful