Top Ranking Business education (MBA / BBA ) Universities of Pakistan

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These are the top Ranking business education / administration schools or  Universities for doing MBA and BBA in Pakistan according to HEC ranking of 2012. This is the list of best 13 business universities of Pakistan. As expected LUMS is at the top for business education

RANK                          UNIVERSITY



For more information on

LUMS and its Admission process

click here


Institute of Business Administration Karachi

For more information on IBA

and its Admission process

click Here



Iqra University,Karachi


Sukkar, Institute of Business Administration, Sukkar


National College of Business Administration & Economics, Lahore


Shaheed Zulfikar Ali Bhutto Institute of Science & Technology, Karachi


Institute of Management Sciences,Peshawar


Lahore School of Economics, Lahore


Imperial College of Business Studies, Lahore


Institute of Management Sciences, Lahore


Institute of Business Management, Karachi


Institute of Business and Technology, Karachi


KASB Institute of Technology, Karachi

You may also find the following information useful for selecting the right University.

Top business schools of the world (for doing BBA or MBA)


Top universities of Pakistan (general category, although all of them offer MBA and BBA )


Most well reputed universities of the world


Scholarships for MBA and BBA abroad





The tuition cost for doing a BBA or MBA from a Pakistani University is usually between Rs 100,000 to 1,50,000 per year,  which comes to around Rs 12,000/- per month average. LUMS is a bit more expensive and its tuition fee is in excess of Rs 300,000 per year. However LUMS does offer scholarships to students who do well in GMAT test.

The tuition costs for doing an MBA or BBA from abroad specially USA, UK, Canada, Australia can range from US$ 12000 to US$ 40,000 per year. Living expenses are in addition to these expenses.


BBA degree within Pakistan and abroad is of 4 years duration with two semesters in each year. The usual duration of MBA degree is 1 year within Pakistan if you have done a 4 year BBA. If you have done a simple BA (14 years of education), then you ll have to do a 3 year MBA. Some universities offer a 2.5 year MBA as well. In the UK you can get a MBA in one year, whereas in the U.S it takes 2 years to get an MBA degree.


MBA subjects and curriculum



BBA subjects and curriculum



All you need to know about BBA


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  • Muhammad Jibran

    where is IBA Lahore???????????

    • jehanzeb_ahmad

      There is no IBA in Lahore and neither has it been mentioned on my site. IBA is in Karachi and Sukkar

      • Bulbul Khan Jani

        and sir what about IBA Punjab University???
        i’m a student of GCU and doing F.Sc …i’ve decided to leave medical and go for BBA from IBA pu ……please guide me……

        • jehanzeb_ahmad

          And that is IBA Karachi, not PU IBA,

          • FAISAL AMEER


  • Sarah Aftab

    what about applying in FAST lhr for BBA?

    • jehanzeb_ahmad

      Dear Sarah,
      FAST is more well known and reputed for its computer sciences programs. The management science department of FAST has 03 PhDs at Lahore campus which is a bit on the lower side. The program is also relatively new. It was not ranked by HEC in management sciences as such so I cannot tell you its ranking either. I guess for BBA it should be ok, as your final degree would be MBA and that you should do from a good university.

  • iqra javed

    can u tell me that in finance or any other specialization of business administration is just useful for lectureship ? can i do job in any company or organization after m.s?

    because i have completed my BAA and want to take admission further studies.

    • jehanzeb_ahmad

      Dear Iqra
      Actually its not true that MS in finance or other specialization is good for teaching only. MBA is a more general degree but everyone has to specialize during their MBA in either marketing, finance, HRM etc. In my opinion MBA is highly saturated and MS in finance has definitely more worth. You can work in the finance department of any good multinational and also in banks. Therefore I would recommend MS in finance over MBA although it is more difficult than an MBA degree.
      Good luck

  • ahmed iqbal

    can you tell which govt. university should i take admission for BBA my percentage in 1year is 56% and i really dont know what do in my future which university will take me in karachi can you plssss guide me

    • jehanzeb_ahmad

      Dear Ahmad,

      Try to do well in your second year so that at least your percentage in F.Sc is above 60%. Rest even all Government universities have their own test and it carries around 50% marks. Therefore you still have a good chance if you do well in the entry test.
      On my site you can check the rankings of universities in Karachi and also top ranking business education universities.

  • saqib

    which is the best universty in islamabad fo BBA
    plzz tell me

    • jehanzeb_ahmad

      Dear Saqib,
      Its a difficult question to answer, but in Islamabad I would rank NUST business school as being the best. Almost all universities are offering BBA in Islamabad but have very little qualitative difference.

  • Fahad Saleem

    tell me some thing about the career in bba & which is the suitable university in karachi where ever i am the student of engineering in s.m college

  • Alex Sohail

    sir i have comleted my it recently…….but its 14 year gradutaion i want to do mba in lums ….but their no 3.5 mba so what can i do……..plz plz plz give suggetion

    • jehanzeb_ahmad

      Dear Alex

      well you ll have to get admission in BBA, get credit transfer of your BCOM courses into BBA (you ll still have to spend around 2 years) and then get admission in LUMS.


  • Fahad Saleem

    whice the best univesity for bba in karachi

    • jehanzeb_ahmad

      IBA karachi is the best for BBA and MBA in karachi.

      • Ahmad Saleem

        sir which universityis best for bba in faisalabad plz help me i am confuse

  • Azqar Hussain

    sir i have given BA exams recently and now i want to do MBA. DO i apply for mba after ba??? because i have not did I com or B com…..

    • jehanzeb_ahmad

      Yes you can apply in the 3.5 year MBA program directly after BA.

  • Kiran Gohar Habibullah


    After regards,

    Please guide me that where exactly IBM stands as per the ratings of Potential employers I mean all the Pvt.Unis costs a fortune how to know that is that really worth it or not plus plz guide me the Dff b/w 2 yr and 3 yr MBA executive program?

    • jehanzeb_ahmad

      Dear Kiran
      2 year program is for those students who have a BBA or equivalent. 3 year MBA program is for students who have a BA (14 years). There is no other difference.
      Your job prospects will depend on your performance as well and not just the university. So try to do well regardless of which university you go to. IBM is ranked in the middle. Its not top notch. Thats all I can tell for now.

  • Mehr un Nisa

    Hello Sir,

    I got 63% of equivalence in O levels and A Level result is awaited till this August in which I will get 2 full credits.

    I have a half credit from AS and will take one subject exam of full credit this oct/nov and the result will be out in Jan, 2014.

    Is it possible for me to get admission in any university for BBA this Sep if they accept my 2 and a half credit when converted to Fsc percentage will they make up around 50 to 60%?
    I don’t know I’m so confused help please!

    • jehanzeb_ahmad

      Dear Mehr
      I can only tell you what the policies of universities are in this case.
      1. minimum marks in intermediate or equivalent required for admission in BBA is 50%. So if you can eventually get above 50% you should be ok (at least in 90% of the universities)
      2. You can get admission on results awaited basis, and most universities require that you submit the equivalence from IBCC by October or november. In your case it will be Jan, so just check with the university if they are willing to give you extra time to submit your equivalence. Most universities will be willing to do that.

  • Utban Ali


    • Utban Ali


      • Utban Ali


        • jehanzeb_ahmad

          Dear Utban
          Accounting and finance is a good career option (better than medicine or engineering) at the moment as it is not that saturated. There are many institutes in Islamabad, but in my opinion SKANS is probably better than most. There is no HEC ranking for accounting colleges, so there is no official ranking. I am just sharing my impression of SKANS after visiting it a couple of times.

          • Utban Ali

            what about its scope! what type of jobs will one get?

          • Utban Ali


  • Fahad riaz

    Dear sir
    I have done my and i want to get admisdion in a well reputed university
    can you name few of the universities from lahore ani islamabad
    waiting for your reply

    • jehanzeb_ahmad

      Dear Fahad
      You did not specify the program in which you want to get admission? so please clarify that.

  • Osama Omair Janjua

    can u tell me how Is NCba&E Lahore. and tell whether they offer ms in finance or not.

  • Osama Omair Janjua

    kindly tell that Is it good to get adsmission in NCBA

  • Zeeshan Sheikh

    sir how i can join ph.d programs after

    • jehanzeb_ahmad

      No you cannot. You must have 18 years of education before you can get admission in PhD

  • Heart Robber

    sir my name is asima malik and i just gave the examintion of part 2 sir my part 1 marks is 70% nd i am confused in which field me go ……………..

    • jehanzeb_ahmad

      I already posted my reply to your earlier question on the same topic. Kindly see that.

  • Heart Robber

    tell me kindly in which field the scope is women

    • jehanzeb_ahmad

      Currently there are many fields open to women, unlike the old times when teaching and medical where the only option. I would say you can look into CS, Software Engineering, Textile design, Fashion Design, development studies, social sciences, economics, finance etc. All these require minimum of out door field work and pay well.

  • Hashim

    what is the value of bba from FAST KARACHI?

  • Shahid Mughal

    sir kindly tell me which is best university for bba in faisalabad,bundle ov thankx sir,w8ing for ur reply

    • jehanzeb_ahmad

      Dear Shahid,
      I dont think there is any good university for BBA in Faisalabad.

  • ali

    aoa..sir i want to know that BBA (Finance) is better rather than BBA (IT)??Or both gotta good scope?kindly would you please tell me

    • jehanzeb_ahmad

      BBA finance is better than BBA IT. In BBA IT you wont learn much about IT and an IT graduate would be preferred. Go for finance.

  • Raj Baldev

    sir i could not apppear in the past entry test of bba at karachi any other university which will take test with in 3-4 months . .

  • Umer Nawaz

    do mba marketing have a good scope in pakistan?

    • jehanzeb_ahmad

      Dear Umer,
      The answer is yes and No, as it all depends. The basic thing in favor of marketing is that all large companies have marketing departments. Even large technology companies that have offices in Pakistan do not develop any technology, nor do they do any research or development but certainly have marketing staff. So the demand is there. On the other hand every one and his friend is doing MBA marketing these days as its considered easy. Most universities are producing third rate MBAs who do not even know the difference between a monetory and fiscal policy or even between sale and marketing. Therefore doing your MBA from these universities while having a “chill program” can hardly offer any scope or job prospects later. So in the end it all depends….

  • Ayesha Zaid

    hello sir,
    Please guide me. I wanted to take admission in BBA
    tell me any universities of karachi from where i can do my BBA but not costly
    I haven’t take admission in any university because they are too much coslty and i dont know the procedure of government university. kindly tell me what % they are demanded for BBA? and which government university is best for doing BBA in karachi?

    • jehanzeb_ahmad

      Generally speaking even in Government universities, the fee for BBA tends to be high. IBA is government run however it does have high fees. You can try University of karachi, which has a much lower fee.
      Merit is based not just on your intermediate marks but on your performance in the entry test as well. So cannot fix the percentage as such. A good ball park number would be around 70% and then good marks in the entry test.

      • Ayesha Zaid

        Thank You

        And Sir i want to know except BBA what can i do for my better future?
        Please tell me some more business fields. Thank you

        • jehanzeb_ahmad

          I think a really good option compared to BBA is BS in economics. It has a lot of scope. You can also specialize in development economics which has a lot of jobs. Other than that you can do BCOM which is just a lower class BBA. You can also do BS in Finance.

  • Irfan Rustami

    Dear Sir,
    I want to know that what is the eligible percentage for geeting admission for BBA in LUMS and IBA. Second question is that what is the procedure followed by LUMS and IBA for the calculation of merit number.
    Thank you.

  • Rubab Meraj

    Can you tell if BBA is better than BBIT. Also about the scope of BBIT in Pakistan. I have been advised to do BBA from a government university, living in Lahore Punjab University is an option. Although I have been selected in NCBA&E but I am still confused whether or not should I go for it.

    • jehanzeb_ahmad

      please post your question on
      discuss section is for comments only

    • husni mubarik

      ncbae is the best for BBA and also provide scholarship on your intermediate marks

  • Hadia

    I want to do MBA and I want to ask colleges that are affiliated with University of Karachi offer Karchi university degrees.Are they really do so means students get Krachi university degree? Please tell.

  • Ali Ahmed

    Salaam.. Sir if im doing a BBA From University of Karachi so is it valuable??
    Please answer..

  • Peter Pardesi

    Sir I am from Punjab. In this list mostly Universities are from Sindh. Can u please suggest best unis for bba and bs (a&f) in Punjab and Islamabad.

    • Peter Pardesi

      One more question, do private unis like fast, comsats or govt unis like NUST, provide scholarships or discounts in fee on merit basis? If yes, then what is the criteria.

  • faiyaz ali

    salam sir //???
    sir i am so confuse about my field sir plzzz tell me………what i m doing now my percentage in inter is 65% sir civil eng from sir syed uni is better or BBA from iqra uni karachi plzzzz tell some thing i m soo confuse

  • Adeel Bajwa

    Aslam alikum sir ..i do my BBA from M.A.O college affliated with pu and i got 75%in inter am i right?
    and one thing i can never aford private uni..
    so what u suggest me

  • Adeel Bajwa

    it is value able?

  • Mehdi Shaheen

    Sir I’m doing BS Engineering degree.
    Inshallah after two years I’ll complete my degree.
    Then I require your kind advice, for which field I choose, MS in Engineering /MBA in Business.
    I interest in both engineering & Management side

  • USman Waali

    ASA . AIr please tell me which university would be better for BBA in ISLAMABAD ?

  • faiza

    Sir wats the scope of BBA in HRM …

  • Sana Siddique

    dear sir
    plz tel me the major subject for HND regards future and job

  • Sana Siddique

    dear sir
    could you please suggest me the major subject for HND regards future???

  • Sana Siddique

    Dear Sir,

    Could you please suggest me the major subjects for my BBA with regards to career opportunities in Islamabad region and elsewhere. I have the option of choosing among Accounting, Management, Finance, Marketing and HR&M.
    I want to select same majors for my MBA as well after BBA.


  • BK

    How much marks should a person having 65% in FSC get in enterance test of NBS to get admission?

  • BBA student

    What are the options available other than MBA for a BBA student?

  • OwAis KhAn

    Dear Sir, Mera app se ye question hai k main bhi 2nd year Pre-Engeneering main hn, mjhy software eng main bhi interest hai or MBA main bhi app main confuse hn k inter k bad kya kron..Plz app mjhy guide krein career k hawaly se..Thankyou.

  • OwAis KhAn

    Dear Sir, Mera app se ye question hai k main bhi 2nd year Pre-Engeneering main hn, mjhy software eng main bhi interest hai or MBA main bhi app main confuse hn k inter k bad kya kron..Plz app mjhy guide krein career k hawaly se..Thankyou

  • zubair

    Dear Sir Im doing…………after I want to do BBA Or BBA conti …….Which is Best to do BBS Or BBA?

  • Muhammad Saqib

    Where is Superior University??

  • Bilal

    i have do simple BA …Can u plz tell me which univerty offers mba After BA….

  • Arvind sharma

    hello sir i have done my b’com from sindh university now i want to do more study in my future i am confused what should i do after …. which is better for me likes MBA,CIMA,CA,ACCA,PIPFA,CMA, plz tell me

  • usama

    which university offers bba or bcom honour

  • Waleed Butt

    Assalam o Alaikum sir.

    i have done bcom with first division from university of karachi

    now em planning to do MBA marketing & IT, i am permanent resident in jeddah , Saudi arabia and will do job over there,

    Kindly suggest me from where i can do MBA

    i can pay 40,000 for 6 months aprox.

    Thank u

    Reply me as soon as possible sir.

  • faraz

    im doing BBA . in Preston University
    and every one tell me about this university its a BlacK listed ,,,
    actually i was joind this univsty becz i can’t affortable to other university fees,

  • faraz

    can u prefer me about the university for MBA …
    and which field is best

  • what is this not

    What about bAHRIA UNI??