Top 10 reasons for Pakistani students to Study in Germany

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Studying in Germany for higher education is often overlooked by Pakistani Students. However in this post I ll explain why it’s a great choice for Masters and PhD studies for Pakistani Students.

  1. There is no tuition fee in Germany in 11 of its 16 states. Even in the remaining five states the tuition fee is 500 Euros per year or less. For PhD studies there is no tuition fee in any state of Germany. Tuition fee is waived for good students, and students who have children of less than 14 years of age.
  2. Germany is the fourth largest economy of the world and the largest economy of Europe. It has a low unemployment rate, which means it is relatively easy to find a job after graduation.
  3. Last year Germany relaxed the work visa rules for international students further. Previously an international student could work for one year after graduation and now it has been enhanced to 18 months. During this time no permission from labor department is required to start a job.
  4. After some work experience you can apply for what is called a blue card which allows you to live and work in Germany for up to 4 years.
  5. After staying on the blue card for 21 months in Germany you can apply for permanent residency provided you clear a basic German language test.
  6. The quality of German higher education is excellent and some of the German Universities are ranked among the best in the world.
  7. Germany is famous for the quality of its products. Big names based in Germany are Siemens, AEG, Daimler (maker of Mercedes), BMW, Audi, Volkswagen, Allianz, Bayer (maker of asprin), BASF, Carl Ziess, T-Mobile, Hapag-Lloyad, Lufthansa, Opel, Porsche, SAP, and many others.
  8. Part time jobs are allowed to students so that you can partially or even fully cover your living expenses by working part time.
  9. Since you get a Schengen visa when you go to Germany, so you can travel all over Europe in countries like France, Italy, Spain, Switzerland, Belgium, Austria etc for sight seeing while being a student without having to apply for any visa for travel.
  10. However it is highly advised to learn some German language in Pakistan from Goethe Institute before going to Germany. This will greatly enhance your job prospects within Germany and other countries where German is spoken like Austria and Switzerland.


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  • further education

    Hello! Great post!

    Just a quick note: legislation on tuition is constantly changing. As of the winter semester 2012/2013, only two states in Germany charge tuition fees – Bavaria and Lower Saxony.
    In Bavaria, a referendum in January collected 1,354,984 votes against tuition fees in Bavaria. Before the end of 2013, the decision in Bavaria will be finalized.
    In Lower Saxony, elections of the state government may lead to abolition of tuition fees here as well after the governing party changed at the end of January this year. The current governing parties both want to abolish tuition fees.

    All this means that by mid-2013, tuition fees could be a part of German history altogether.


    • jehanzeb_ahmad

      Thanks for your compliments and tweet. I have made this site to provide accurate information to students on higher education without bias. Thanks for the update on abolition of tuition fee in the remaining states of Germany in 2013.

  • sayed asif shah

    hello i have done BS(IT)hons now i want to admission in MS program without IELTS in germany i have got 3.22/4 CGPA my email address

    • jehanzeb_ahmad

      Dear Asif

      IELTS or TOEFL is required for admission in Germany for most of the universities. However there are some universities where if you send a certificate from your university where you studied BSIT that your medium of instruction was English it would be acceptable. You just have to check all the German universities.



      • Muhammad Burhan Hassan

        Sir Jehanzeb,
        I have got admission in University of Stuttgart in Masters intake (Sep 2013). I want to get information related to funding of living expenses, as there is no tuition fee in this university.

        • jehanzeb_ahmad

          Dear Burhan
          Your best bet for a scholarship for Germany is the HEC foreign scholarship 90% quota program. These are for those countries where education is free. You need to clear the GAT test conducted by NTS. You ll get 1200 dollars per month stipend by HEC.

    • Ali Khan

      Dear asif shah ,

      you dont need IELTS / Toefl and you can apply without these tests , you need to take a German Language test before you start your studies in Germany in German Language , you have to do A1 – C1 level in one year time which is normal time to learn and study in German language .


  • hadia

    Dear Sir I am from pakistan and I need your email id.

    • jehanzeb_ahmad

      You can contact on


      • hadia

        Dear Sir
        I am Hadia Atta from Pakistan. sIR Hec awarded me scholarshp for Phd. I want admission in gemany university. For my admission first i need supervior from germany. Regarding that i sent email to many professors for supervizing me. But didnt get any replied from them. Sir I need your help for getting admission in germany university. Please suggest me some names of germany universities. My field is Mathematics.

        • jehanzeb_ahmad

          Dear Hadia

          First of all congratulations on getting the HEC scholarship for PhD. In order to be seriously considered as a PhD student in Germany you need to do the following:-

          1. Define a research area and do a literature survey of that area

          2. Define a research problem
          3. Try to have atleast one research publication.

          If you have these three you will get a much better response from German Professors. In addition you need to learn German language as well as most universities in Germany teach in German.
          List of top ranking German Universities is available on this site under university rankings.

          • Sara Khan

            Hello Sir:

            I was doing BS IT but i couldn’t complete it because of family problems. Can I apply for a diploma course in Graphic design in Germany As I don’t want to do a bachelor, because i am already 23 years old and by the time i complete the bachelors i will be 28 years. Please give me some advise.


          • jehanzeb_ahmad

            Dear Sara,
            Although it might seem like a lot of time to complete your bachelors, but rest assured in a life time of 70 plus years it wont matter. Plus 27 is not an old age to complete your degree. You will be 27 one day whether you complete your degree or not. Therefore my suggestion would be to get your degree.
            For the second part of your question, in Germany Diploma is called Diplom and is the same thing as a degree, only the wording is different. Therefore what you are looking for is a short course in Graphic design. So search on google short courses in Graphic design in Germany and you ll get some institutes there. Also check out DAAD scholarships as they also have funding for short courses.

          • Naqeeb

            hi sir i am Naqeeb from Quetta .sir i got 75% marks in FSC pre medical .sir as you know that law and order satuation is too bad in Quetta .I belong to a poor family .i can not carry on my education and i want to support my family so i want to go to Germany for work .sir please tell me any possible way to go to Germany .sir i will be very thank full to you for all my life . Regards Naqeeb

          • jehanzeb_ahmad

            Dear Naqeeb
            with just Fsc you can only go in the labor category visa to Germany. And getting that would be hard as you do not have any skill like plumbing, electrician etc. Therefore first complete your education, and for that you can get a scholarship from HEC. Then think about going to Germany. Thats my advice.


    helo i am junaid i am doing chemical engnering from GIKI.AS FAR AS I KNOW ABOUT germany the one and only way to get permanant visa is to mary native german girl in this way u can live there permantly no other way except this

    • jehanzeb_ahmad

      Dear Junaid,

      Well marrying a German citizen would be the easiest way to get the nationality, however it is not the only way. You can get citizenship of Germany if you live there legally for 8 years, and if your German is really good then even in 6 years. You have to fall in the highly skilled shortage areas which include engineering and medicine and get a blue card which is similar to american green card. After completing 06 years in Germany you are eligible for citizenship.

      Please read German Nationality law passed in 2000 on wikipedia.



  • Junaid Ali Gulzar

    if one goes to germany(ofcourse if someone has the visa of germany)after completing a degree from GIKI(the top engneering insitution of pakistan) for getting a handsome job then what u say about it?will one get a job in germany

    • jehanzeb_ahmad

      Dear Junaid,
      I would say it would still be difficult. First of all you ll get a visit visa for Germany when you are going there without a job. So you ll have to get it converted to a work visa if you get a job there. The duration of visit visa is very short and is granted on the basis of specific hotel reservations. It may range for a few days to two weeks. This is not enough time to find a job in Germany. Besides GIK might be a good university in Pakistan but is nothing compared to good German universities. The employers in Germany would prefer someone who is a graduate of one of their universities and also someone who can speak German.
      So overall I dont think your chances are very good.

  • Arslan Javed

    sir will u please tell me , can i apply for student visa for germany after matric. i know this site is for higher education but please atleast tell me can i able to apply after matric or not?

    • jehanzeb_ahmad

      Dear Arslan
      You can apply any time but you would need an admission letter from one of the high schools in Germany. Even after that your chances of getting a student visa to study in a high school are very slim.
      Its better to do your intermediate from Pakistan and then go for admission in a German University.

  • Qasim

    I have done Bachelor of Arts. May I know apply for Master degree in Computer?
    Please guide

    My email is

    • jehanzeb_ahmad

      What were your subjects in BA?, and by computer I am assuming you want MS in computer sciences?
      Well in your situation even if you do get admission in computer sciences it would be very difficult to do it as you dont have a background in Maths or programming or algorithms. You can however go for a diploma in computer applications, or learn oracle databases or do CCNA which will give you better prospects for a job.

      • Qasim

        Dear Jehanzeb Sb.

        First of all thanks for your prompt response.

        BA I did Associate Engnieering in Civil Technology (three years
        diploma, I studied Maths as well. I have good knowledge of computer but
        don’t programming algorithms.
        Jehanzeb Saab actually I want degree program, e.g. Master degree in any field of computer.
        In BA my subject was related to Journalism.
        Please guide, so that I could move my case.



        • jehanzeb_ahmad

          Dear Qasim,
          Your basic problem seems to be that you have not completed 16 years of education, which makes you ineligible for admission in Masters program except for a few universities that follow the old BA / MA system in which the MA is equivalent to a bachelors degree. Your diploma is equivalent to F.Sc, and now you have done BA with arts subjects. So officially you just have 14 years of education and not 16 which is required for a masters degree. The old MCS degree which was after B.Sc has been discontinued.
          I think you should get admission in a 4 years bachelors degree program in computer sciences. Its a long journey but it seems to me the only option that ll put you on the right path academically.
          good luck

          • Qasim

            Thank you very much Jehanzeb Sb for your kind and valuable guidance.

            Is there any other option for me? Any suitable degree program for me, which you can suggest me for my career growth, related to Computer or something else?

            I will be thankful to you.

            best profound regards

          • jehanzeb_ahmad

            Try to find some university that is offering Masters after BA. I think some public sector universities like Punjab university, QAU etc still has that old masters.
            Secondly also think about getting CCNA all the way to CCIE which is the highest level of networking expertise. You can get a good job in the networking department of any company with that qualification, although it wont be a degree. Rest I have already explained to you earlier.
            Good luck

          • Qasim

            Thank you very much Jehanzeb Sb.

            You mean Should I go Germany for CCIE?

            Please guide…..

            Is there any other specialization Certificate/Diploma for career growth?

            Last question, Can I do MBA from Germany after BA or not as well?


          • jehanzeb_ahmad

            Dear Qasim
            you cannot do an MBA with a BA degree from Germany unless you have 16 years of education.
            you can do CCNA etc from Pakistan. Start with CCNA and then go to higher levels. I think its a good option in your case.

          • Qasim

            Thank you Jehanzeb Sb for guidance and your time.

            Can you suggest me any other country (tuition free country) for master degree where can I get admission in such programs.

            Once again thank you so much.


          • jehanzeb_ahmad

            No you cannot get admission in Masters program in ANY country of the world with 14 years of education.

          • Qasim

            Thank you very much once again for valuable guidance.

            I talk with different Overseas Studies Consultant, they assured me that I can get admission in master programs.

            But discussing with you now It is clear, I cannot get admission in master programs, I am not eligible.

            I can’t go technology side? There is no way…… no course… no degree program?

            What should I do now? Should I stop thinking about any program (further study)?

            Keeping in view the current job market in the world, what would you advise me, which side should I go now for building my career? what is the right direction?

            Any program??

            Sorry Jehanzeb sb, I took a lot of your time. I am really thankful for information you provided. You are very helpful person. May God keep blessing you.



          • Zubair Ahmed khan

            SIR I AM ZUBAIR AHMED my qualification is DAE(ELECTRIAL) I WANT To Go Germany for BSc Electrical Engineering whould you like to guide me i am so worried i have no idea what can i do plz sir guide

          • Zubair Ahmed khan

            and sir also guide me what is the requirement for Germany

          • jehanzeb_ahmad

            Dear Zubair
            For Electrical you will have to spend 4 years- thats the first condition. Secondly you must learn German language, it will really improve your chances for admission. Third you must have 8000 euros in your bank account for living expenses at least for the first year

          • Zubair Ahmed khan

            Sir thanks for giving me information about Germany sir i have an other question is there any IELTS requirement for Germany and if i do Engineering from any university what is your opinion about that

            after that i will apply for Master Degree in Germany give me soloution

  • Safdar Suffiyan

    Sir I want to apply for undergraduate engineering program in germany. how much it will cost for me kindly tell me the best university

    • jehanzeb_ahmad

      Dear Safdar
      List of top ranking universities in Germany is available on this site under university rankings. Just go to any top 20 universities and you should be ok.
      There is no tuition fee in Germany, therefore your only expense would be around 700 euros per month for living costs. You can partially offset this cost by working part time which is allowed under student visa. Still you should have around 15000 euros in your account which is two years of living expenses to get the German visa.

  • faisal

    nice to read the information… really appreciate the work of Mr. Jehanzeb

    • jehanzeb_ahmad

      Thanks and regards

  • mohsin

    need a bit of advise i have completed my bachelors degree in electronics and communication around two years back with a miserable gpa of 2.7 :( can i even qualify for free education in Germany for masters program

    is there anyway around it like getting admission in a normal university

    • jehanzeb_ahmad

      Dear Mohsin,
      First of all, education is free in Germany, Austria, Sweden, France, Italy and it is not free based on GPA of students!!!. So long as any university is willing to grant you admission, you will be studying for free. Secondly there are a number of things you can do to compensate your poor GPA. They are
      1. Publish a research paper in a good conference in the area in which you want to do your Masters.
      2. Appear in GRE and try to get a good score even if it is not a requirement for admission, as GRE is a standard test and it very accurately predicts performance in graduate studies. Therefore a good score in GRE will greatly improve your chances of admission.
      3. Try to get a good internship or job in a well reputed company where you can do some real engineering work for about a year.
      If you do all three or even one of these it will compensate your GPA.
      Good Luck

  • hamza

    Dear sir i want to apply for master degree pogram in Germany as i have done bechalour in electroinc BS(electronics) and have a job in Unilever industrry as an Electrical and instrumentation engineer. Please guide me which is the sutible course for me. thanks

    • jehanzeb_ahmad

      Dear Hamza
      your situation is pretty simple. You have a bachelors degree in electronics. Since you are already working in instrumentation, I would suggest do your Masters in instrumentation and control. Its a good field with lots of job opportunities world wide. Once you get admission there will be no tuition fee, only living expenses to take care of. You can work part time as well so that can cover some of those expenses.
      Some universities require TOEFL or IELTS in Germany so make sure you clear that.

  • Kalasha Ale

    Hello Sir Jehanzeb,

    Sir I did my graduation in the field of Material Science & Engineering on June 2012, from one of the top ranked university of Pakistan.

    Now, i am looking for admission in MS in Germany, but know nothing about the procedure to apply. Many people say to contact to the Professors in the respected faculty and many say other things. I belong to a family which is financially not sound and therefore I request you to please kindly help me in this regard, so that i can save my future.

    • jehanzeb_ahmad

      Dear kalasha
      Actually both procedures work, however first apply directly to the university. Fill out the online forms and send in the documents along with fee charges. You can contact a professor there directly, but be very careful in writing to German Professors. Be respectful and direct and you should know what you want to study and why and what research or work have you done in your chosen field. Dont write vague letters.
      Hope this helps,

  • Saqib Shahzad

    hi sir,

    I m saqib shahzad i have done BSC (Double Math+ Stat) from PUnjab university in 2007 and now i m doing MA in Political Science from Punjab universtiy,my 1st part is clear and i will give exam for 2nd year next month,sir i m doing Govt job in Accounts Department,i want to get higher education in Accounts field from Germany is there any option of Free study????i want to get higher education from Germany,Plz guide me

    Saqib Shahzad

    • jehanzeb_ahmad

      Dear Saqib
      Higher education is free in Germany in all fields and so it includes accounting as well. However you do need to know German as only then you ll get preference over other equally qualified applicants. So complete your masters, learn German part time, clear some language tests and start applying to relevant universities in Germany. you ll get admission some where,

  • Saqib Shahzad

    hi sir,

    Thanks for ur reply,please tell me if there is any option that i can go to Germany after giving Papers of MA next month,acutally sir i want to come Germany as quickly as possible,if there is any other option plz plz do tell me.

    i shall be very thankful to you.
    Saqib shahzad

    • jehanzeb_ahmad

      Dear Saqib
      I have already told you the best method of going to Germany. Other than this all other methods are illegal and I would not recommend them. Also do not pay any money to these immigration consultants who promise you to send you there on fake documents. Follow the straight path and you ll be better in the long run.

  • Farman ali

    Dear sir my name is farman i have done 2nd year. and i live in pakistan in swat . sir we are very poor and my father is labor .sir there is some problem in my education. every days blasting here we cant go school regularly . i like education .i want to i cantinue my education . there fore plz you give me admission in her i shall be very thanks full to you

    • jehanzeb_ahmad

      Dear Farman
      I do not run any university, school or college where I can grant you admission. There are HEC scholarships for students of Swat, FATA, FANA, Baluchistan who have been hit by law and order situation in these areas. You can get full funding and come to Islamabad after that. Write to HEC and they will help you out.
      Good Luck,

  • khan

    kindly let me know about the leaving expenses, if I got admission in master degree program at Magdeburg or Flensburg ,how I can cover those expenses ,what kind of jobs are available for international students, is German language is essential for a job seeker in Germany

    • jehanzeb_ahmad

      Dear Khan
      Knowing German in not essential but highly preferable for getting a job.
      You are allowed to work part time 20 hours per week as a student and that should cover your expenses if you do get a job, however the main issue is getting a visa as German Embassy will not issue you a visa without having around 15 K euros in your account.

  • Aleesha Rizwan


    I read your blog, very informative, so i was hoping that you’d be able to help me with my issue. Sir I have done my Masters in Organic Chemistry. I want to move to Europe for work and settle there, however i also want to start my Phd in the same field, my problem is i do not have 15000 Euros to show in my bank for the student visa, hence i will have to start by finding a job through the internet (hopefully), get a work visa and get employed, then once i’m there (where ever my job would be) i could apply for a part time Phd.

    Now my question is, if i am in a European country on a work visa and i loose my job for whatever reason would i still be able to stay and complete my Phd (if i am already enrolled in a university by then) or would i have to apply for a student visa and the whole 15000 Euro matter would apply?

    Also what is the limit of days you can stay in a European country if you are on a work visa and have lost your job?

    P.S. I can speak German.

    Hope my question is understandable, waiting for your reply.


    • jehanzeb_ahmad

      Dear Aleesha
      Well I think an immigration expert would be better able to guide you in this matter. I ll share what I know.
      Once you get the work visa which is the blue card you can take part time studies. This would be hard as in Germany PhD is considered a full time job as well and managing both would be very difficult. In addition you need to get an offer of more than 45000 Euros per year to be eligible for the blue card. If you lose your job you are allowed to legally live in Germany for a year to find an other job. If that does not happen then yes you ll have to convert your visa into a student Visa also called a National visa. Hopefully by that time you ll have around 10 to 15K Euros to show as living expenses. A better option is to get the HEC scholarship for PhD or a DAAD scholarship. Check both of these out.
      Hope this helps,

      • Aleesha Rizwan

        Thank you so much for your help. Really Appreciate it!

  • Sameet Khan


    I have done MS (equivalent to Mphil) in Clinical Psychology from GCU Lahore. I have worked in a variety of clinical settings during my studies. I want to move to Germany for work in the related field preferably in a hospital. How can I get a work visa? Is it possible that u get there first and then find the job or reverse is the case?

    • jehanzeb_ahmad

      Dear Sameet,
      You can visit Germany on a visit visa and try to find a job. Once you have a offer then you can apply for the blue card later.
      Knowing German would be a great advantage specially in your field as you need to communicate effectively with patients and most patients there would only be speaking German.

  • adnan ali

    Dear Jehanzeb,
    i have seen your blogs, you are doing really a great job.Your blogs encourage us for higher education, very helpful to get rid of our misconceptions.Thankew so much.
    I’m Adnan , student of BS.c Chemical engineering (3rd year).
    i am really interested to go for higher education in USA or Germany .
    But i have regret about my matriculation grades, I got 2nd division,bcz i was not sincere with my studies during metric.But soon,i realized my failure and did hard work in my intermediate and entry test to make up it , and also going with the same pace during engineering, getting A grades.Also, preparing for GRE.
    As someone say ” when you realize your failure , its the first step towards success”

    • jehanzeb_ahmad

      Dear Adnan
      Thank you for your words of appreciation :)
      To answer your question –

      There is absolutely no effect. If you have done well in Fsc, and later on in engineering you ll do just fine. One failure does not affect your prospects at all.

      If you do really well in GRE I would recommend that you apply for the Full bright scholarship for USA. If you dont get that then apply for DAAD German scholarships. I am sure you ll qualify for at least one of these.

  • Nafah

    Hello sir ,

    I have recently completed my A-levels and want to do BS mechanical engineering. I am interested in germany because I have heard that there is no tution fee there. Kindly guide me , where should I apply and how should I apply.


    • jehanzeb_ahmad

      Dear Nafah,
      Yes its true that there is no tuition fee in Germany, however you have to have living expenses which are around 800 Euros per month. You can partially offset this cost by working part time, but atleast for the first year you should have around 10000 euros in your account. Your visa will be granted after that. I have list of top ranking German universities in the international ranking. You can chose a university from that list. Secondly its really important for you know to at least working German language.
      good luck

      • Zohaib Rao

        i have taken my examination of fsc and waiting for result so please tell me in which university i should apply and when for germany? and which field is best for studying and getting job for permanently living there?

      • samiullah khan

        Hi Jehanzeb_ahmead

        Sir this is dr.samiullah ,Medical doctor ‘MBBS’ degree holder .I m interested in ‘Post graduate Master porogram ‘in Gasteroentrology GI, I want to know WHICH MEDICAL school of Germany offer Master porogram/postgraduate porogram in Medicine . if offer whats the process and procedure for applying Master degree porogram.pls help me out .Thankx .hope to hear from you soon.

  • Adeel Anwar

    I am Dr Adeel Anwar. graduated in 2010 from a dental college in Pakistan. i was hoping u can help me to find a Mphil leading to Phd program related to my field like oral biology, oral pathology, cell biology or any research related doctorate degree with possible scholarships… i shall be thankful to u in this regard….

    • Melisa

      I Mr. Mike Brown of ARSENAL LOAN SOLUTIONS give out loan at the rate of 3% interest rate, if you are interested for a loan, you are here by advise to fill and return below this application to this email ( alone to know if you are truly interested in loan. I am here to put smiles in all sad faces.


      By replying with these details to ( ), we shall move forward to the next step which is the terms and re-payment plan schedule.

      Mr. Mike Brown

  • shahid

    Sir, I appreciate your contribution for students seeking abroad education.

    I intend to publish articles (Economics) to improve my chances for getting international scholarship from universities for pursuing a Master degree.
    Kindly, recommend the relevant journals that will useful for me.
    How about Pakistani newspapers or magazines? Is it necessary that articles should be published by an international Journal or a Pakistani publisher Journal?

    Highly appreciate your response and contribution!

    • jehanzeb_ahmad

      Dear Shahid,
      The best thing to do is to publish in international journals in the thomson reuters master journal list. These are ISI indexed journals with impact factor and will ensure a scholarship for you. The next best is that you publish in other reputed international journals. After that it should be conferences, and then local newspapers which carry the least amount of weightage.
      Good luck

  • shahid


    Thank you for prompt response, sir!

    What is the equivalent of German or USA GPA of 2.5 to Pakistani percentage ?

    How to find such measures equal to Pakistani grades or percentage system?

    Thank you!

  • shahid

    Dear Jahanzeb,

    Thank you for prompt response, sir!

    What is the equivalent of German or USA GPA of 2.5 to Pakistani percentage ?

    How to find such measures equal to Pakistani grades or percentage system?

    Thank you!

    • jehanzeb_ahmad

      I think its impossible to convert a U.S CGPA into a Pakistani equivalent percentage. It will be treated as a CGPA equivalent to CGPA of any Pakistani University. GPA system is now fairly common, and all universities except it on face value. You do not need a conversion.

  • Mohammad Umair Ijaz

    Dear Jahanzaib Bhai,

    have done Mphil in Food Sciences and technology from Pakistan and now I want to
    move to Germany for further studies, can you tell me the name of some German
    Universities which are offering PhD or MS in Food Sciences or Food Nutrition. I would also like to know if the TOEFL/IELTS
    is mandatory to take admission or not as the medium of instruction during the
    last 6 years of my studies was English, Can I get admission by simply providing
    an (English Proficiency certificate) Issues by my University ? tell me how long
    the visa process takes? And that money which I will have to deposit in German
    Bank, will that be for first year of my study only( and is there any other alternative
    available for this in which I don’t have to necessarily deposit the money in German
    bank and I can show my financial soundness by showing some property or local
    bank Statement?)

    And after the completion of my
    study do I have to come back or Germans allows some time for its International
    students to find a job?

    • jehanzeb_ahmad

      Dear Umair,
      If you go on your own funding, you do not have to return to Pakistan. You are allowed 18 months to work in Germany after getting your degree.
      You just need living expenses as there is no tuition fee over there.
      You need to have around 8000 euros in your bank account before you can apply for a visa. Equivalent property will not be acceptable as you would need this cash immediately, so it wont help.
      Some universities require TOEFL, although for others a letter from your university should be enough for most universities. This condition varies from university to university.
      I have a list of top ranking German universities on my site in rankings section so you get an idea. Off hand I cant tell you which is the best for Food Sciences.

  • Anam Saleem

    Respected Sir!

    I am Anam. i am in last year or BBA . i want to study in Germany . will u plz guide me in which subject i should do specialization? HRM , Marketing or Finance ? please guide me by keeping in view that i want to continue my further studies in Germany and want to settle there. i shall be very thankful to you if you will help me :)

    • jehanzeb_ahmad

      If you want to get a job in Germany then finance is better as it is more specialized and difficult so there will be less competition. For marketing local german nationals would be preferred because of language and cultural advantage that they have over foreigners. Same goes for HRM. So finance is my call

  • Ahmed Khan

    hi. i want to apply to technical uni of munich, but i dont know how. give me tour contact details and i will talk to you in private. thanks

    • jehanzeb_ahmad

      Dear Ahmed
      I do not give out my phone number. You can visit my office for a consultancy, but I charge for that. I give free advise on this forum only.

  • Khaliq

    Sir, I recentely completed my M.Com in Finance now i want to further study in Finance in Germany, Do i have to pass IELTS or GRE to get admission, I also want to know if education is free in Germany then what DAAD schlourships for? does it waive of living cost?

  • yasir anwar

    Hi, sir you are performing a fabulous job.

    Sir I’m double minded on that matter either I will go Germany
    for further study or stay in Pakistan and take admission in university of Karachi (M.phill in applied chemistry).
    I’m an engineering student (chemical 3rd year)
    with 3 GPA, should I invest on language course (Goethe)? And I just have 9 to 10k to invest and what will be the lump sum amount required for Germany and can I apply some kind of scholarship and how much chances to avail the scholarship?

    please answer me as soon as possible and provide me your meeting address many of my fellow need consultancy.


    • jehanzeb_ahmad

      Dear Yasir,
      First of all around 8000 Euros would be sufficient to get the German visa. Secondly there is no tuition fee in Germany, so you need to arrange only living expenses. For those you can get the HEC overseas scholarships which are available for Germany. There are some universities that teach in English but most of them are in German so I would highly advise that you learn German. It would help in you getting a job later as well. I am available for private consultancy, however I live in Islamabad. I charge a nominal amount for personal consultancies.
      Good luck

      • yasir anwar

        Thanks sir i feel very comfortable to contact you.
        Can i meet you in Karachi, i can pay you consultancy fees.

      • tatheer

        sir i live in islamabad,where do u live ,my parents and me wants to meet u for some information in field of medicine

        • jehanzeb_ahmad

          Dear tatheer,
          They are welcome to meet. Please send me an email through the contact us form at the top of the site, and I ll tell you my contact information. I cant share it on this forum.

  • Muddasar Ali

    sir i want to get admision in engineering field and sir i got 72% markes in 10th with science and i don my pre-engineering i got 63% in 11th class hope fully 12th class i`ll get 70% do you guide me my result will become in ist week of august but i have hope certificate and passport etc documents do you tell me all expansis i mean how much money requried for this whole purpose

    • jehanzeb_ahmad

      The fee per semester would be around Rs 70,000 and there are 2 semester per year. In addition admission fee etc would be another 20,000 for the first semester only.

      • Muddasar Ali

        sir am i not eligeble for scholarship i mean free study in germany sir do you tell me its all details which is the best engineering field in germany i mean after degree i will get easli job
        and sir last date of admisions in germany

  • Mcube

    Hi I am a Fsc student, recently given the Martic exams and got 81% marks. I wanna study abroad but I am confused in choosing the field. Electronics, Aerospace and Architect.


    Mian Mansoor Ahmad

    • jehanzeb_ahmad

      Dear Mansoor
      I have already written a lot on these fields in my blog and also during answering questions. Please go through those and you ll get the answer.

      • Mcube


  • Kashif

    assalam walaikum sir, i have done 2 years bcom am i eligible to take admission in Germany MBA Programme ?

  • Ali Jawed

    Sir I have completed my bachelors in computer science from Karachi University in 6 years with 2.45 GPA. Am I eleigible to apply for a masters program in Germany?

    • jehanzeb_ahmad

      Dear Ali
      Yes you are eligible as you have 16 years of education.

    • ali

      lun mara saly parh lanada itna kam cgpa

  • dr adnan

    dear sir i am a doctor by profession is there mph or mba in hospotal management for germany ? what requirements are required can u name the university also give me details links and sites if u may thankyou sir

  • Ameen

    Sir I want to do MSc economics from germany. Could you suggest the best universities for this programme. Also how much would be the living expenses? I am worried about living cost since fee is nominal/free.

    Thank you

    • jehanzeb_ahmad

      Dear Ameen,
      Please go through the university rankings section of my site. There you will get the top ranked German universities. Almost all of them offer MS in economics. You ll have to apply to atleast 5 German Universities to get admission in one.
      Living expenses will be around 700 euros per month. you can work part time legally to partly cover the costs.

      • Nena Jee

        plzz any1 help

        • rameez

          whats the problem plz share me

  • sharoon

    dear sir i’ve passed matriculation …..i wana b a doctor … i want to study in germany in english language could u help me………regardz

    • jehanzeb_ahmad

      Dear Sharoon,
      You cant go after Matric to Germany, you need to do Fsc pre-medical from Pakistan first, or preferably A levels and then you can apply. Also in the mean while get some German language certification as that will be very important for admission.

  • Imran Sabir

    Dear Sir
    I am Imran Sabir working as a IT Manager in U.A.E . I did BS(CS) from COMSATS in 2008 with good GPA. Due to growth in career i want to do my further studies i want to do MS in MIS or IT or SE in Germany.

    Last 5 year i am untouched with Studies related web sites and procedure. Sir please guide me from where i can get best information about scholarships and all other official procedure to get admission in the session of 2014.
    Sir if you don’t mind can you please give me your Skpe ID so that i can get complete guidance.

    I shall be very grateful to you.

    Best Regards

    Imran sabir

    • jehanzeb_ahmad

      Dear Imran
      I ll be happy to provide you guidance on this site. But at the moment providing skype ID is not possible due to very large volume of questions that I get.
      As you already know education in Germany is free. Therefore you need to have only the living expenses for the Masters degree. In most cases when you get admission you first need to do a German language course of 6-9 months and then start your masters (you do the course in Germany). Or you can do the course in Dubai and skip the course in Germany. Living expenses would be around 700 euros per month for a single person. You can also work part time while studying there and cover your living costs. I hope this gives you a starting point. Let me know if you need any more information.

  • hussain

    sir is it necessary to learn German if going to Germany ? what about the private universities who offer courses in english and what are their A level grade requirements and fee structure ?
    my course is mechanical engineering

  • vivek sinha

    Thanks for your great information, the contents are quiet interesting.I will be waiting for your next post.
    Pharma job board,,,,,

  • Jawwad Aziz

    Dear sir, this is jawwad I have done my intermediate ,,, can I study further free in Germany ???? And what would b the requirements for that…… and how much expenses for all this criteria

    • jehanzeb_ahmad

      Dear Jawwad
      We have just installed a new and improved Question & Answer plug in on our site for our users to give them better navigation and information. In future all questions will be answered on that section. Please go to
      and register. After that post your question under the suitable category. You will receive a reply from Jehanzeb Ahmad shortly after that.
      We regret the inconvenience.
      Universtiyadvisor team.

      • aneel

        i want to do mba rom abroad i hve done my 16 year graduation (BBA)
        i want to do master with low cost tution fees
        plz give me informatio

  • Jawwad Aziz

    Still waiting

  • Asim ul Haq

    i have done intermediate with pre-enginerring and there is gap of 2 years in my study, will i get the admission in the Bachelors Programme at German University ?.

    • jehanzeb_ahmad

      Dear Asim
      We have just installed a new and improved Question & Answer plug in on our site for our users to give them better navigation and information. In future all questions will be answered on that section. Please go to
      and register. After that post your question under the suitable category. You will receive a reply from Jehanzeb Ahmad shortly after that.
      We regret the inconvenience.
      Universtiyadvisor team.

  • zara naz

    dear sir i wana know about expenses of mbbs in german i have don intermediate i got 86% in that so kindly tell me about that all should i do is it good to go to abrod??

  • Sana

    I am student of Environmental sciences (MSC).My current CGPA is 3.35. Kindly guide me about studying abroad and getting scholarships.

    • Ch Saad

      Search for the University of Stuttgart. I guess they have the Master program. One of my room mate is doing Bacholars in this area from there. if you need any further help email me at

    • Abdul Ghaffar


  • shuja

    sir i have just pass my B.A and my ielts test band 6.0 overall would you plz tell me that can i apply for german student visa as i do not know much about german language …

  • khizar

    hallo guten tag wie geht es ihren.caio

  • Waseem

    I m from karachi,got A grade in matric science,D in intermediate pre eng ,completed becholars( from K.U through college in 2nd div. and MBA majors in marketing from MAJU karachi with 2.58 CGPA. I worked for one year in barclays Pakistan as sales executive and 1.5 years as Senior Exec. Administration in an animation company. but i regret my former grades , admit my faults should have made little more effort for better results from intermediate till some one says no end of life at failurs.when one realizes failure is a 1st step for achiving success. i am planing to study masters ie business management or marketing ,wana persue international degree with intl exposure and improve my skill in different cultural environment n exposure by working there. please tellme if i have any chance to get admission for masters in germany,i m worried about previous low grades, and having masters degree already is it a plus or minus for admission in masters? your reply wouldbe very appreciable

  • saqib khan

    hey sir its me saqib i am doing bscs in iqra universty its my first semester n how to continue a study in germany

  • Adnan Zaki

    hey sir I am zulqarnain haider form Rawalpindi recendly I have done my fsc with 70% marks and I wana do mechanical engrineering in Germany plz can u guide me how can I apply for this?

  • Murad

    aoa sir.. i had done electrical engineering with 2.59cgpa., intermediate with 74%, matriculation with 84%…. i had applied to the following germany universities . for a master program.

    1.Frankfurt University of Applied Sciences • Frankfurt am Main.

    2.Technische Universität München (University) • ( communication engineering)
    3.Ravensburg-Weingarten University of Applied Sciences • Weingarten.

    4.Technische Universität München (University) • ( power engineering)

    kindly tell me will i get admission any of the above mentioned universities.

    • Ch Saad

      Hopefully you will get admission in at least one of them.

      • Murad Elahi

        thanks saad for replying… are you sure that i will get admission in at least one university..

        • Furqan Saadat

          Murad, i applied in more than three universities as my cgpa is 2.53 and ielts 6
          but couldn’t able to get admission

  • Ch Saad

    I am now a day studing in Stuttgart so if you guys need any sort of help contact me via my email

    • Murad Elahi

      i had mailed you saad

  • Muaz

    Your provided information is extremely useful. After seeing this
    info, I made a decision to persuade Master’s in CS at Germany, but I am
    not sure if I can get admission there or not? Currently I’m in 7th
    semester of my bachelor’s degree and next year(2015), in January, I want
    to apply for master’s. Of-course it is during my studies(8th semester).
    I have 3.75 CGPA, but don’t know, Am I capable of getting admission in
    Germany or NOT? I think you can help me out of this issue!

  • Furqan Saadat

    i want to know the problem which i’m facing
    I applied in number pf universities in Germany but somehow I couldn’t able to get admission in one of them.
    my ielts is 6
    and cgpa 2.53 (69.02%)

    Kindly would u plz like to tell me. what r or could be the main reasons behind rejections

  • Khaliq

    IELTS 6.5 , I have 51% marks in under annual system + study gaps covered by work experience, in and almost 50% marks am i eligible for Germany?

  • Waqar

    I want to do MBA in marketing from germany, i’ve just graduated from BBA
    in marketing with 2.96/4 CGPA from COMSATS . i wanted to know that
    whether i can pursue my MBA in germany and after graduating what are the
    odds of finding a job in germany in the marketing or field if i extend
    my visa for job search?
    My last Ielts Band was 7.0 i have applied again since the previous expired

    And can i cope living in germany if i don’t learn the langauge from pakistan?

    • Rana21

      Brother, I may be late but I want to know whether you applied to Germany or no? I’m in the same situation as you, but I did my BBA from UCP. Kindly help ?

  • M Shawaiz M Hanif

    i am shawaiz and igot 58 maarks in fsc kya me es k liye eligibl ho

    • ali

      search online scholarships for Pakistani student. See universities names and visit there websites.

  • ali

    dear fellows search online scholarships for Pakistani student. See universities names and visit there websites. complete your documents and apply there. Europe, china, japan, Australia etc.

  • ali

    scholarships every year.
    visit: scholars4dev (dot) com

  • haleema

    Dear Sir
    I have done M.Phil economics qith 86.1% marks n have ielts score of 6.5. I need info about universities wheere i can do phd economics. Kindly tell me some good universities in city of berlin and in broaer termms in east of germany.

    • m umair

      Oh haleema you have a good opportunity as you have completed m.Phil and got as well can apply easly for PhD in relative universitties. And you should also apply for immigration for danmark

  • Ali Iqbal

    i have done fsc pre medical with 84.27% i want to do M.D from germany what i have to do and how could i apply

  • H Hassan Ali

    i have done BS Mechanical Technology 4year, with 3.5/4 cgpa, can i got admission in MSc oil & Gas engineering in germony???? plz help me i am need full,

  • muhammad umair

    Whats the scope for a doctor in Germany? Plz tell me I am very desperate after getting admission in mbbs k.e

    • Kinza Fatima

      Well if you are willing to do MBBS in Germany you have to do it in German language. It’s quite good to go for engineering in Germany without German language!

  • muhammad umair

    I think its waste of time and should go for maybe ca

  • Khizar Ahmed

    Dear @ Ali @jehanzeb_ahmad:disqus
    i have done MBA Finance( 3years) having 3.19 cgpa+ (2years), am i eligible now for MPHIL (finance) in Germany. If yes, so which university or city would you prefer and kindly also tell me procedure

    regards khizar

  • Aqsa Mahmood

    i have done fsc in pre medical and i am now in 2nd semester of BS(H) zoology and got 3.79 gpa and i want to study in Germany for my continu my studies there is any option for me than tell me plzzzz

    • asim

      Hi Aqsa,
      surely you can continue your studies in Germany, but you will have to start your Bachelors again from the start as credit hour transfer is not possible after 2 semesters. contact me on and i will provide you complete information

  • mobby

    Hi guys, I am very disheartened due to the low grades I received in my bachelors. I have 59% in Computer and Information Systems. I am a senior software developer now but need to take my education to masters level. Does Anyone knows if 59% will help me step into some Physics or Computer subject masters in a University preferably in Germany via a scholarship?

  • Madiha Khan

    Hello there, I’ve gone through the post you made Sir. I’ve searched hundreds of sites but unable to fine even one relevant site discussing something I want to know.
    That is some information about doing MBA, or MS in ‘Marketing’ from Germany…
    Unfortunately IT or Engineering is not my field.
    And I’m highly interested in applying for MBA or MS in Germany. As Due to my financial status I’m not able to proceed my masters.

    If you out there can help me find the answer to my quires. I’ll be glad…


  • muhammad abu bakar

    sir i belong to pakistan and i have got 66percent marks in part1 and i am waiting for my part 2 result ……can i apply for free mbbs in germany

    • Kinza Fatima

      No! In case of doing MBBS in Germany you have to do in German language

    • Shawaiz Hamid Khan

      Sir I belong to Pakistan and I have got 67 percent marks in 9th and I am waitin . For my 10th result ….can I apply free fsc in germany

  • Muhammud Mudabbir Siddiqui

    Hello, Am Mudabbir and am a B.Sc Computer engineer and i am looking forward for my masters in software engineering or some good related field. But having really hard time finding a suitable university. Can anyone help me out or guide me? am targeting summer 2016 batch.

    Thank-you in advance.

  • abdu khan mohmand

    what do I have to do to study Aeronautical engineering in Germany after Fcs ?

    • Muhammad Usman

      HII I m also looking for aeronautical in germany :) please when you listen about any university which is free of coast you please text me

  • Muhammad Obaid ullah

    Hi sir I m doing mechanical engineering BS last year so after that I he plan to do master in petroleum in refinery or in drilling so kindly tell me what are the minimum requirements for take admission in best university I will bi waiting

  • Imran Ahmed

    i am waiting for my result of FSc.i am interested to go to germeny for architecture,i am doing A-1 german language course,plz guide me
    where should i go in germany

    • Muhammad Usman

      DO you have a facebook >

  • Muhammad Adeel

    I am doing bs it after 2 semesters I can continue my study from 3rd senester. In germany??? Plz guid me

  • Ali Noor

    em doing civil engineering ,whats about engineering criteria in germany and guide me bit about if i do master in germany? kindly reply me fast em waiting for your reply…?

    • Hamza Qadeer

      same question from me ..!!

  • Atiq Fazal

    What German degree is the equivalency of M.Sc (in Pakistan) degree??
    German B.Sc or M.Sc….

  • Mohammad asif

    Sir I done my BS computer Engineering recently with cgpa 2.3. is there any possibility to got scholarship in Germany?
    please guide me sir

  • Asadullah Malik

    Assalam-o-Alaikum Sir My name is Asadullah Malik my son’s name is Awaisullah Malik. He is an EU national. I just want to know that if My son is able to study Medical education for free in Germany. Please answer me on my Email

  • Jawad Khan


    Sir/Madam i want some information about how to apply to germany for study?

    Sir/Madam i am going to complete my F.Sc (pre-engineering) and i want to get Bachelor Degree from germany.

    I am interested in Electrical Engineering,Civil Engineering,Mechanical Engineering,

    Please Guide me about the procedure,how to apply to to universities and what should i do?

    please inform me on my email


  • Sunny

    Hello SirMadam
    Myself Sunny Lohana, I am from pakistan i have done my bachlor in software Engineering with 3.9cgpa. now i want to do masters in software engineering in germany….Plz guide me how can i get free higher studies in germany via schlorship?
    email me:

  • Sunny Lohana

    Hello SirMadam

    Myself Sunny Lohana, I am from pakistan i have done my bachlor in software Engineering with 3.9cgpa. now i want to do masters in software engineering in germany….Plz guide me how can i get free higher studies in germany via schlorship?

    email me:

  • Talha Rajput

    Hi Sir/Madam
    Myself Muhammad Talha. I am from Quetta pakistan I have done my (Diploma In commerce) > Now i wish to get international degree in Bachlor In commerce . please guide me Through this Email That how can i get Germany Scholoreship for this Certeria…