Scholarships for Australia for Pakistani students

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The Australian Government is offering scholarships for Pakistani students for Master level study in the Australia. The Scholarships cover tuition, return airfare, medical cover and other incidental expenses. A minimum of two years work experience is required after completion of 16 years of education in Pakistan. Those students who have applied for Australian immigration are not eligible for this scholarship.

More details are available at


Please remember mostly these scholarships require you to come back to Pakistan after completing your studies.



The areas and fields of study in which Australian scholarships are being granted to Pakistani students are

  • Maternal, neonatal and child health services – Doctors and public health degree holders can apply
  • Basic education services – Teachers of all primary and secondary schools can apply
  • Rural development and food security – Students working in food related areas can apply
  • Governance – people working in Government, NGOs etc can apply
For Australia Pakistan Agriculture Scholarships
  • Pro-poor market development in rural areas
  • Rural economic and market reforms
  • Irrigation and water resource management

Priority will be given to applicants from Balochistan, Federally Administered Tribal Areas (FATA) and Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (KP).


Australian Awards Scholarships


Australian Agricultural Scholarships


Top ranking Australian Universities 


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  • muhammad seraj


  • umair tahir

    hello I am Umair tahir.I have done BBIT hons from punjab can I avail scholarship for master level.

    • jehanzeb_ahmad

      Dear Umair

      Please read my post on scholarships section on Scholarships for Australia. Unfortunately there are no scholarships for technical subjects being offered by Australian Government or aid agencies. You will have to apply directly to universities and try to get a university scholarship.

      • sami_ullah

        asalam u alekum,

        Dear Sir,

        I am Samiullah i complete my FSc (Biology) in 2011) since 2 year i leave my study some of my problems,therefore now i wanna continue my study. please tell me about scholaship for bachelor.

        • jehanzeb_ahmad

          Dear Samiullah,
          I cannot help you without knowing what you want to study, where do you want to study and so on. send me those details and then I can guide you

          • waseem abbas

            sir im waseem abbas im doing bsc mechanical engineering and i wana do my MS from austerila on full scholarship sir can u help me now me in final year

          • jehanzeb_ahmad

            Dear Waseem
            Unfortunately Engineering is not one of the selected fields in which Australian government is giving scholarships through Aus Awards. Your best bet is to apply directly to Australian Universities and try to get a scholarship or funding. Your chances would greatly improve if you have 1-2 research publications in international conferences.
            Good luck

          • Ashraf khan

            Respected sir….I have done my degree in computer science so i want to know about scholarship related to my course so is there any scholarship about my field…..?

      • mehak

        salam sir I am doing my BS in biochemistry,my degree will complete in 2014 Inshaa Allah. Should I apply for Australlian Scholarship during studies?plz guide me sir

  • asma

    hello, i m asma. i have done masters in applie physics from bzu multan , how i can avil scholarsship for m.phil??????plz help me

    • jehanzeb_ahmad

      Its not clear whether you want scholarship for studies in Australia or in any country. Please clarify so that I can guide you further.

  • MKhuram Javed

    I’m studying Computer Science and interested in Software/Games/Web Development. It’s a 4 year program, I’m going to complete 2 years here in IUB in BS(CS) program. After that I wanna study abroad to become a Good Software and Web Developer!

    Please tell me some thing how to acquire a scholarship?

    • jehanzeb_ahmad

      Dear Khuram
      There are no scholarships for transfer students. You will be migrating from one university to another, and in such cases you will not be eligible for any scholarship. Its much better to complete your studies in Pakistan and then get a MS scholarship for studies in UK or USA.

      • muhammad shoaib

        i m a student of bsc(hons)agriculture major (plant breeding and genetics)in last semester,and i want to go australia for further studies ,plz guide me for scholarship ,,thanks

  • muhammad shoaib

    i m a student of bsc(hons)agriculture major (plant breeding and genetics)in last semester,and i want to go australia for further studies ,plz guide me for scholarship ,,thanks

    • jehanzeb_ahmad

      Dear Shoaib,

      You are eligible for Australian Agriculture scholarships. These are available for MS level studies in Australia.

      Please read my post on Agriculture scholarships on this site. The link is above,

      You can go directly to

      to apply for these scholarships,


      • muhammad shoaib

        THANK YOU SIR,,bt i m searching for foreign scholarship for last 3 months bt still i could not find ,,,

        • jehanzeb_ahmad

          Did you check the link in my post. It will take you directly to the Austrian official scholarships page

  • Sana Aslam

    Salam. I have done M Phil in Physics from Punjab university. I have 13 years teaching experience. These days I am seeking job as well as scholarship for PhD. Kindly guide me.

    • jehanzeb_ahmad

      Dear Sana
      Is your teaching experience at the University Level or at college or school level?
      I am assuming you want to do a PhD in Physics from abroad. There are many HEC scholarships available for European countries where education is free like Germany, Sweden, France, Italy, Norway etc. You have to be less than 35 years of age to be eligible for HEC scholarships.
      Other than HEC the other good sources are Fullbright, common wealth, and Erasmus Mundus. I have listed the details of all of these in the scholarships section of the site.
      Also check out the education jobs section of the site for recent advertised jobs related to teaching.
      Do appear in the NTS GAT test as that is a requirement for HEC scholarships.
      Hope this helps,

  • riaz ahmad

    aoa sir,

    i am student of Bsc (hons) radiotherapy in kemu .my field is concerned to medical is ur scholarships are for medical student.i want to do my master from abroad.if available tell me the procedure. thanks

  • Umar Baloch

    Umar is here. i have done my MLIS (Master of Library and Information Sciences) and 3 years experience in NUST (National University of Science and Technology) Islamabad as a Assistant Librarian. I want to know about any scholarship in Australia. plz help me.

    • jehanzeb_ahmad

      your field of study is not included in the Australian scholarship scheme or Australian Awards.

  • umer

    Assalam o alikum . i am umer here. i have done my electircal engineering.i want to do m.phil from a foreign university. jahanzaib bhai plz guide me if some kind of schlorship is available for me .my email id is

    • jehanzeb_ahmad

      Dear Umer
      There are atleast 50 different scholarships available for MS. It is the best time for higher studies for Pakistani students. I have listed many of them on my site in the scholarships section.
      Australian scholarships are not for MS in electrical Engineering, but HEC scholarships cover all areas including Electrical Engineering. They have recently announced scholarships for higher studies for USA, UK, Canada, Australia, Singapore etc. Check the HEC website for more details.

  • Engr Ubaid Masood Ghilzai

    I am Ubaid and i have completed my BE Electrical specialization in Electronics 2012 October from Hajvery University Lahore Pakistan, from 5months i am doing job in PakTech systems Islamabad which is integrator Business of a Canadian Company. i was also sent for Sabanci University Istanbul, Turkey as an Exchange student. if you could guide me about the scholarships in Electronics i would be much obliged

    • jehanzeb_ahmad

      Dear Ubaid,
      HEC has recently announced Batch 9 of overseas scholarships for USA, UK, Canada, Australia, Singapore etc. Do apply for those. Check the HEC website or the scholarships section of this site.
      In addtion Belkent University in Turkey is offering scholarships in the form of full tuition fee waiver for Pakistani students and HEC is granting living expenses for those students who get the scholarship from Bilkent University in Turkey.

  • Zeeshan Saeed

    sir JEHANZEB!!!
    I am first year student of electrical engineering at UET peshawar ,if some kind of scholarship are avilable for me,then Please inform me.

    • jehanzeb_ahmad

      Dear Zeeshan
      There are very few scholarships available at the undergraduate level. You have not clarified whether you need a scholarship for studies abroad or within Pakistan.
      Try the ICT funded scholarships as you are doing Electrical Engineering and its included in the list of disciplines in which ICT is doing funding.
      HEC has also launched scholarship for students of KPK, Baluchistan and tribal areas. You might fall in that category as well so see the HEC website for scholarships for students from backward areas.


  • anwar_eng04

    Anwar here from Baluchistan. i have recently done my B.E in Civil Engineering. Can i apply for these scholarships and i also want to know scholarships in Australia related to my Field. plz help me

    • jehanzeb_ahmad

      Dear Anwar
      Applicants from Baluchistan would be given preference in the Australian Scholarships. The areas in which these scholarships are being offered are limited and I have listed them in my post. Since you are a civil engineer you can try for a MS in irrigation and water management. This area is covered in the Australian agricultural scholarships.
      good luck

      • omer

        Dear Sir, i have complete my Bachelor of science in computer so for which scholarship i can apply …
        best Wish



    • jehanzeb_ahmad

      Dear Amjad
      You can apply to HEC for a scholarship. Economics is covered in the HEC scholarship scheme for MS leading to PhD. Check out the HEC website for more details

  • lovina

    i am lovina khan and i have done my B.B.A in marketing .Am i eligible for this scholarship?

    • jehanzeb_ahmad

      Depends on what you want to study for your Masters. Is it MBA or some other degree… Assuming its MBA, then no. Australian scholarships are not for doing MBA. I have already listed the areas in which those are being offered.


    • jehanzeb_ahmad

      Depends on what you want to study. If it is MBA then no. I have listed the areas in which these scholarships are being offered in my post above.

  • aysha khan

    m aysha ,,,, i want to know how i can apply for these schlerships,,,,,, i m a student of doctor of veterinary medicine (DVM) in University of Agriculture, Peshawar.

    • jehanzeb_ahmad

      Dear Aysha
      Just go to the AUS AID website mentioned in my post above. You might be eligible for the agricultural scholarships being offered by AUSAID for Pakistani student. Download the forms and attach all documents mentioned in the forms.
      Good luck

      • Antagonist Arshad

        what is the minimum gpa required to get good scholarship for MS in electrical engineering?
        good GRE score with 3 cgpa is sufficient to get scholarship ?

        • jehanzeb_ahmad

          Dear Arshad
          We have just installed a new and improved Question & Answer plug in on our site for our users to give them better navigation and information. In future all questions will be answered on that section. Please go to

          and register. After that post your question under the suitable category. You will receive a reply from Jehanzeb Ahmad shortly after that.
          We regret the inconvenience.
          Universtiyadvisor team.

  • Zeeshan Asghar

    Hi I have done my graduation in Civil Engineering from NUST Islamabad. I wish to know if i can get a decent scholarship for post graduate studies in a good Australian university that can cover at least the tuition fee. The tuition fee for example, the University of Melbourne is 34000$ per year approx. Can any scholarship available cover this much.

    • jehanzeb_ahmad

      Dear Zeeshan
      you have two choices
      1. Try for the HEC overseas scholarship 10% scheme which gives full funding for studies in Australia, UK, USA and Canada. You need to do well in the GRE exam not the one conducted by NTS but by ETS USA.
      2. Write directly to Australian universities. You might get a scholarship or a TA ship after you go there and study for a semester or so (but that has a risk).
      3. Try to do some publications in your area as that would help you get some funding. In addition do really well in GRE even if not required by the university as it is deciding factor not in admission but in funding.

      Other than that I dont know of any other funding for Australian universities.
      good luck

  • jadghal

    I did my Bs Agriculture how i can apply for this..???

    • jehanzeb_ahmad

      Dear Jadghal
      If you see in the post above, I have provided a link to the official Australian scholarship website. Just go to that link and search for the agricultural scholarships being granted by AusAid. You ll find the forms and other information.

  • waseem ullah khan

    waseem here, i have done BS in agriculture. i apply for scholarship?

    • jehanzeb_ahmad

      Dear Waseem

      If you see in the post above, I have provided a link to the official Australian scholarship website. Just go to that link and search for the agricultural scholarships being granted by AusAid. You ll find the forms and other information.

  • rakhshanda

    hello sir i have done MBA after bachelor in arts(with social work and arabic) i want to know in which field of study i can apply for scholarship in Australia.

    • jehanzeb_ahmad

      Dear Rakhshanda,
      AUSAID scholarships are for very specific areas. Just with an MBA you will not be eligible for any scholarships unless you are working in the Government sector, or other areas specified in my post above. Just see those areas and then make a plan.

      • rakhshanda

        sir can you please advice what should i do if i don’t have a Government job

        • jehanzeb_ahmad

          Well that doesnt leave a lot of choices. I would say either directly apply to Australian universities for scholarships, or take up school teaching as school teachers are eligible for these AUS scholarships.

  • Mehreen

    Assalam-o-Alikum! I am doing my BS in Environmental Sciences,my degree will complete in June 2014 Inshaa Allah. Should I apply for Australlian Scholarship during studies, and is my subject come under the scholarship criteria?

    • jehanzeb_ahmad

      Dear Mehreen
      As such your area is not supported by the Australian Scholarships, unless you can link it to rural development. You can apply in your final year for the scholarships if you think you can link it to the areas listed above.

  • sadia

    hi sir i have given 2nd year result will be announce in the month of july.i am a student in scince.i want to rudy further for a brighten future in abroad but i can not afford.sir can i apply for scholarship which is free getting education?

    • jehanzeb_ahmad

      Dear Sadia
      It would be very difficulty to get a scholarship at the undergraduate level abroad unless you get straight A’s in your A levels. I think its better if you do your undergraduate from Pakistan and go abroad after that. Plus another piece of advise to you is to improve your english if you want to be selected.

  • Saeed khan

    Hi Sir,
    My name is saeed khan i have done M.Com ( total 16 years) of Education i want to study M.B.A in supply Chain & Finance on scholership? am i eligible for any scholer ship..i have secured 70% marks in last degree and as well M.Com( 2 years ) is considerd a B.S In Commerce so please suggest me .sir what should i do…??

    • jehanzeb_ahmad

      These scholarships are not available for MBA studies.



    • jehanzeb_ahmad

      Dear Ashraf
      scholarships are for master level studies and not for undergraduate studies. So in short you cannot apply for these at the moment

  • jehanzeb_ahmad

    Once you get into a university you can get a scholarship or a loan.

  • Omar anwar

    Greetings, Sir I have completed my five years coursework (Doctor of Pharmacy) and now going to study MPH that is Master of public health from Australia. My Question is after completing my coursework i.e MPH (1 Year), Shall I eligible to apply for the scholarship for my next coursework? Your reply will be highly appreciated
    Kind Regards,
    Omar Anwer

    • jehanzeb_ahmad

      I am not sure if I understand your question correctly. The scholarships is for a Masters degree whether that takes one year or two years. Once you get that degree you will have to return to Pakistan and serve here for at least 2 years or more. You can then apply for some other scholarships.

      • Omar Anwar

        Sir I have completed my Doctor of pharmacy from Pakistan. Now going Australia for my masters degree in public health. my question is after completing my masters degree, Am I eligible to apply for scholarship under this scheme for my another masters?

        • jehanzeb_ahmad

          As mentioned before in my reply, no you wont be eligible after that. You will be required to return to Pakistan. You cannot work there or get immigration.
          Thats a basic condition for all Government scholarships whether full bright, common wealth or any other.

    • Guest

      Sir I have completed my Doctor of pharmacy from Pakistan. Now going Australia for my masters degree in public health that is of one year. so my question is after completing my masters degree so Am I eligible to apply for scholarship my another masters under this scheme?

  • kamran khan

    helllo sir,

    I have completed my Graduation in BS(IT) 4 years degree. Sir is there any scholarship available for me ??? plz help me out…

    • jehanzeb_ahmad

      Dear Kamran
      There are many scholarships by HEC under the HEC overseas scholarship scheme (see HEC website for that) in which you can do an MS and later on a PhD as well in developed countries of the world, excluding USA, UK, Australia. There is another HEC scheme for that but its much harder to get. You ll get 1200 dollars per month living allowance and tuition fee. You need to clear GAT, other than that you are eligible.
      good luck

  • salman

    A.O.A. Sir i am veterinary graduate (DVM) , i want apply for masters in veterinary me further.thanks

    • jehanzeb_ahmad

      Dear Salman
      I am sorry I cannot guide you much in this area, however I do know that Australian Government is offering scholarships in veterinary sciences to Pakistani graduates. Do check those out.

  • Ahmad Ali

    salam: sir i completed my bsc(hons) agriculture degree in 2011 and now i want to apply to australia for further education plz guide me.

    • jehanzeb_ahmad

      Please see my post on scholarships for Australia in the scholarships section of the site. There you will find the link for the official Australian scholarship page. You are eligible as Agriculture is an area covered by the scholarships.

  • Zaheer Rajar

    A.O.A sir is there any scholorsip related to library information science field?

    • jehanzeb_ahmad

      To the best of my knowledge – No. I am not aware of any scholarships in this area. You will have to finance your education in this area.

  • Muhammad Farhan

    salam sir,
    i complete Bsc Electrical engineering from UET Peshawar (sesson 2009-2013). i want to do master in telecom from south Korea. kindly inform me if there is any scholarship .and tell me the procedure

    • jehanzeb_ahmad

      The best option for you is to apply in the HEC overseas scholarship scheme. They have scholarships for south Korea as well. Please check the HEC website for more information

  • dr.zahoor khan

    hello sir. me dr.zahoor khan.sir i have done my D.V.M degree.
    sir pl z inform me any scholarships about veterinary and inform mi witch Australian university is suitable for Pakistani students & doing Mpl / Master in less amount……………..

  • majid

    sir I have almost complete my BBA (hons) . any schlorship for masters.

  • Rehmat Nasir

    sir..Me Rehmat Nasir from chitral KPK.I have completed my Bsc.Now i want to get admission in geology which was my subject in Bsc.please sir let me know about the scholarship procedure….thanks

    • jehanzeb_ahmad

      If you have done 2 year bsc you wont be eligible for any scholarship. Please do a 2 year msc now from Pakistan and then look for a scholarship

  • Simran Roy

    Hello sir, i have done Fsc Pre-medical and i want to apply for a scholarship please guide me i’ll be really thankful….

    • jehanzeb_ahmad

      Dear Simran
      Unfortunately at your level there are not a lot a scholarships available. First do your undergraduate and then you ll have a lot of options.

  • shoukat ali

    hello sir, Me shoukat ali from karachi i have undergrtude in b.s medical technologist in final year dow university.i want to apply in MBA in management health. sir let me know about the schilarship procedure…

    • jehanzeb_ahmad

      have you completed 16 years of education with this diploma that you are doing? if not then you wont be eligible for the Australian scholarships. In addition the Australian scholarships are not applicable for doing an MBA. So you have to look at other options as well.

      • shoukat

        i have complete 16 year of education in this december.i just want to know about scholarship.if scholarship are availble i want to apply.after b.s

  • Ammer

    Sir I want to pursue MSs economics(or related degree) in Australia. Scholarships like AUSAid etc are available in very limited fields and ask for work experience. I’ve done bachelors in economics and have no work experience yet. Can you tell me other sources of funding. People tell me that it is almost impossible to get university funded scholarships. I need you advise pleae.

    Thanks in advance

    • jehanzeb_ahmad

      Dear Amir,
      Its not impossible to get funding from Australian Universities. You need to have some publications for a Master degree admission, and you need to score well in GRE if required. You might not get complete funding but partial funding is possible. How was GPA in your degree?

      • Ameen

        I have a GPA of 3.45. Mostly universities dont need GRE in as far as I know. I’m looking for 50% scholarship at least. Could you tell me about some universities which have generous funding available. And I have my final year dissertation but no other publication.

        Thank you

        • jehanzeb_ahmad

          For a scholarship, you need to do some thing extra, otherwise you wont get it. Try to get some publications, experience etc. Otherwise you are just like any other student among thousands of applicants. Why should they pay you to study? if you dont add any value to their system…

  • sheeraz

    R/sir iam sheeraz ali and iam clear 2nd year in pree engnire and i want to get admmission in bcom or computre course in Australia. Scholarships like AUSAid

    • jehanzeb_ahmad

      Dear Sheeraz
      For all questions related to studying in Australia, please post them on the following link to receive an answer

  • Sarah

    Respected sir i have done my MBBS and completed my house job here in paksitan i want to do post graduation in Australia kindly guide me regarding scholarships

    • 98sohail

      What r u doing now a days ?

  • asad

    sir i want to know the importance of grades in BS level for getting into abroad. i am in 2nd year of my degree civil engg from NUST pakistan. which extra things would be responsible for me if i go for admission or scholarship.

  • M adnan

    sir me Adnan…i wanna get admission in mphil in australia….plz share with me ur golden words…gav me advice plz.

  • waleed ayub

    AA sir hope u r fine . am waleed from multan student of bs agri hons,and my degree will complete in feburary. kindly tell me how can i apply for master there? Moreover during my bacholar one of my abstract had been published in australlian symposium which was on midge.and other research paper are under study .is there any advantage of this research or not. kindly tell me to whom universities i can apply.i would be thank ful to u

  • abid hussain

    salam sir i want apply for mphil scolrship i do my pharmcy doctor of pharmcy after pharmcy student can do mpill leading to phd wt i do sir

  • Saddique Khan

    Dear sir,
    I am Electrical Engineer in Power area. I belong to FATA. I have completed 2 years research work. Now I want to apply for AusAid scholarship.Is it possible me to apply in Power Area through this scholarship????I am curious to know.. Thanks…

  • Tahira

    Salam! Hope your well? Sir I finished my O level and now I want to continue my studies in Australia . My brother is already there but I want to take admission in ICS and I want to complete my studies……

  • Muhammad Afan Shahid

    Respected sir,
    I have completed my Doctor of Veterinary sciences in August 2012 from University of Veterinary And Animal Sciences with CGPA 3.81, Lahore, Pakistan and now doing job from 9th of September 2012 as a Lecturer in Clinical medicine and Surgery department. I am also working as a surgeon in Pet Hospital of my university, besides my job my also doing Mphil in Medicine and surgery as part time. I want to do Mphil form Australia as in Veterinary medicine r surgery, can you guide how can i get the scholarship
    Dr. Afan shahid

  • Murtaza

    Hello sir, i have done Fsc Pre-Engineering and i want to apply for a scholarship please guide me i will be really thankful….

  • shazia

    sir, i have done m.phill in plant sciences from Quaid -i-azam university … how i get Australian scholership???

    • 98sohail

      What r u doing now a days please ?

  • 98sohail

    I want to apply for the Australian work and study visa , both . Can u assist me in having it please ?

  • smile

    hello sir…!
    i have done msc in botany.i want to continue my study and i want to get admission in m phill for further kindly tell me to how get australian scholership?CGPA…3.45
    Thank you…!

  • shah hussain

    i am veterinary doctor student,,,any good schlorships for veterinarian in austriallia,,,plssssssss