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A lot of students want to know where Pakistani Universities are ranked in the world? A few universities from Pakistan have been ranked in the 500 Universities of the world by QS ranking. QS is a private organization that ranks universities and publishes on its website. But the key point to remember is that QS only ranks those universities that actually apply to QS for ranking specially if its in the third world. It does not automatically consider all universities. Therefore even a good university that does not apply does not get ranked.

In this post I would like to clarify a couple of confusions that students have regarding international ranking of Pakistani Universities.

Generally students think that if a university is ranked by QS it would improve their job prospects internationally, and improve chances of getting admission in a good university abroad after graduation. Well in my personal opinion both of these assumptions are not valid. Frankly speaking none of the Pakistani Universities has the kind of reputation that would attract international employers. Big multinationals, technology companies, and international organizations based in Europe, USA, UK, Australia do not hire graduates of Pakistani universities directly for job openings in developed countries. There are plenty of far superior universities in developed countries that can provide all the graduate that they need. Therefore being a graduate of NUST or university of Lahore which have been ranked in the top 500 universities by QS hardly improves your job prospects internationally.

Another key difference to understand is that recognition of a university and ranking of a university are two different things. Any university recognized by HEC Pakistan is recognized internationally as well due to bi-lateral Government agreements. Therefore a degree obtained in Pakistan will be considered valid for all eligibility requirements for admission or job, BUT that does not mean that you would get the job or the admission. It is just the minimum requirement to be met, but not a sufficient requirement. Rest depends on your other credentials like previous experiences, grades, further education, GRE or GMAT scores etc.

Similarly for doctors going to United States it hardly matters where they got the degree from, so long as it is recognized by HEC. They need to get a really good score in USMLE to be able to get a residency in the united States.

Therefore if I were a student I would not pay too much attention to the international ranking of a Pakistani university being declared by a private ranking organization. I would instead concentrate on gaining sound professional knowledge and skill in my chosen area, read a lot to improve my English vocabulary so that I can score well on international tests like GRE, GMAT, IELTS, USMLE etc, and try to get good internships within Pakistan to get valuable experience. If you do well on these items, you can be assured of admission in  a top notch international university for higher studies / specialization and then use that degree as a launching pad for your international career.


If you have any question regarding ranking of Pakistani universities in the world you can ask here in the discuss section below and I ll try to answer it as soon as possible.

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  • http://twitter.com/adeelmsyed Adeel M. Syed

    Well quoted. Every thing.

    • jehanzeb_ahmad


      • arsalan

        sir hamarai koi uni recongnised hai all over the world plz is k barai mai kch bta dy

  • Nayab Kanwal

    Informative :-)

    • jehanzeb_ahmad


  • Usman Ali Awan

    I have recently done A levels. I want to do LLB from a recognized university, I recently got acceptance from Uni of New South Wales, but it is way too expensive. What would you suggest? Should I look for a cheaper Uni abroad or do LLB from Lahore? If from Lahore then which Uni would u recommend? Apart from LUMS. Not one of the brightest students.

    • jehanzeb_ahmad

      Punjab university is good for Law. In UK in any university you will have to pay around 10000 pounds minimum as tuition fee per year for studies. More realistic fee is around 14000 pounds per year. So its much better to do LLB from Lahore .

      • Usman Ali Awan

        Thank You for your reply but 10k to 14k Pound per annum fee is not an issue Sir. I just want to gain a degree which has more worth.

      • Usman Ali Awan

        And one more thing, how should I know which degree is right for me? I just want something which has worth and value. I am interested in BSC and LLB. I don’t know which degree to finalize. I am getting admission at BNU for BSC Eco.

  • Ghulam Habib

    I have recently done f.s.c.Iwant to do electrical engineering from giki or nust. Money is not problem. Plz suggest me which university will suitable for me .My first year marks were 487/550

    • Irsalan Ahmad

      Nust due to better Reputation faculty and facilities than GIKI.
      i advise you to chose any other field than Electrical , it,s market is having very bad days going on.

      • jehanzeb_ahmad

        I agree with the comments made by Irsalan.

      • shah maeen

        Hello sir,
        kia ap muje bata sakti hai ki aj kal engineering mai konsa field top par hai or konsa mediam and konsa last par hai..

  • shah maeen

    which is the best university for information technology?

  • babar

    sir what is the scope of BS(EE) from FAST university

    • jehanzeb_ahmad

      Dear Babar,
      I would say just average, as FAST is more famous for CS. However if you are good, then the name of FAST will help you as well. If you are average EE, then FAST wont help at all to get the job. See its always the person and the university that makes the winning combination

      • babar

        i gained 450/520 in ist year

  • UMER

    SIR CAN U PROVIDE A LIST OF UNIVERSITIES PROVIDING B.B.I.T. IN PAKISTAN. Any information would be much appreciated.

  • Iftikhar Anwar

    Pakistani engineering university jo HEC & PEC sa recognized ho sa education ka bad foreign ma job ka ketna chances hota ha???????

    • jehanzeb_ahmad

      Dear Iftikhar
      We have just installed a new and improved Question & Answer plug in on our site for our users to give them better navigation and information. In future all questions will be answered on that section. Please go to
      and register. After that post your question under the suitable category. You will receive a reply from Jehanzeb Ahmad shortly after that.
      We regret the inconvenience.
      Universtiyadvisor team.

  • Talha Naveed

    How you compare NED with NUST and which university has better reputation in World?

  • Seema

    Dear Jehanzeb.

    My brother is doing his Alevels in Dubai having subjects , Maths , Physics and Chemistry. We want him to pursue Mechanical Engineering in Pakistan next year. We also need to keep in mind that a proper hostel facility is provided by the university . So please recommend universities on basis of education , faculty , facilities , national & intentional standard / ranking, safety etc. many thanks !


  • azaz khan

    what is the best university for bs english.plz suggest me……………..

  • sana zahid

    Ranking or no ranking.NEDians are the most successful in the field. Likhui baton se kya hota hai.you need to see from the final result.which is being successful in the job field.

  • akbar ali

    i got 380/500 in 1st year akueb board, which university is best for me in the field of petroleum engineering? is admission possible in uet lahore??

  • Amir Mongol

    Dear sir ma nay AIOU sy B.A B.ad kia hai. ab ma job kar na chahta hon kha jata hai k is degree ki value nahin hai kya aisa hi hai ?

  • Muhammad Anas Bhatti

    Sir. i want to know the procedure for admissions abroad, i mean, how much SAT score do i need? And which international universities would you recommend for software engineering. Btw i got 131/200 in NUST entrance test. Just so you know my caliber and just so you can advise me accordingly. Thanks in advance.