Petroleum engineering Universities in Pakistan

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Recently a lot of students have gotten interested in Petroleum engineering. The main reason for this interest is that most students are aware that oil companies, drilling companies, oil services companies like Schlumberger, oil refinaries, and oil marketing companies have one of the highest paying jobs within Pakistan and abroad. Pakistani Engineers also prefer to serve in the middle east to make more money and the most jobs available in the mid east are related to oil and its products.

Starting salaries for fresh engineers in the oil sector can start from Rs 55000 per month and go upto Rs 100000 if posted within Pakistan. If you are lucky to get an international agreement then the starting salary for an oil engineer / drilling engineer can go upto US$ 3000 per month or more.

There are only 04 PEC recognized Petroleum Engineering Universities in Pakistan. These four universities that offer Petroleum Engineering degrees are :-


1. UET Lahore

2. Mehran UET, Jamshoro

3. NED university, Karachi

4. Balochistan university of IT and management sciences


Petroleum engineering is a very good field with lots of job openings specially as oil is above $100 and there is a lot of exploration going on all over the world.


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