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MBBS stands for Bachelors of Medicine and Surgery. It is the first degree in medical field in which student enroll after completing F.Sc or A levels. The duration of MBBS in Pakistan 5 years. It has four annual examinations with the first annual after the first two years. The annual examinations are called Professionals.

Till a few years ago getting admission into a medical college was really tough and around 900 marks in intermediate were required. It still holds true for good Government run medical colleges like King Edward, RMC, Fatima Jinnah etc, however in the last 5 years around 80 to 100 medical colleges were approved by PMDC. It is very easy to get admission in a private medical college. The draw back is that the fee is around Rs 500,000 to Rs 600,000 per year. Over all its a sorry state of affairs, as undeserving student who do not have the aptitude or skill to become a good doctor end up in private medical colleges if they have money (or their parents), while poor students who are hard working but cant make it in a Government run medical college cannot study medicine. This situation should be rectified by PMDC who should make it mandatory for all private medical colleges to admit at least 30 % students on full scholarship.

Here are the list of subjects and syllabus for the MBBS program as approved by PMDC

1st Year and 2nd year

Anatomy and Histology


Bio Chemistry


3rd Year

Pharmacology & Therapeutics

Pathology General & Microbiology

Forensic Medicine


4th Year

Community medicine

Special Pathology

Otorhinolaryngology (ENT)



5th Year

Medicine including Psychiatry & Dermatology

Surgery including Orthopaedic & Anaesthesia

Obstetrics and Gynaecology



Top ranking medical colleges in Pakistan


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  • Tanveer ali

    I want to do mbbs but can not afford money….

    • Nadeem khan

      how many marks u have?

      • Tanveer ali

        Sir I obtained 65% in Aga khan university examination board and I will give improvement in september 2013 so the percentage will be increase.

        • jehanzeb_ahmad

          Dear Tanveer,
          You have low marks in the examination, if you get a much better percentage, then you can apply to the Agha Khan foundation for financial help. I am sure they will help you out, but first you have to get better marks,
          Cannot help you more on this. Try HEC website for need based scholarships if you belong to a backward area of Pakistan.

  • ayesha younas

    I have heard that duration of MBBS is now 7 years . Is it true or not? Please tell me

  • Wasim Khan

    i got 76% may i go to mbbs i like it so much;;;

  • numan ijaz

    What the hell is donation can any body explain

  • sahil AB

    if we take admission in MBBS in any private university then would we have to submit fee of 5th year?

  • Naseer Gurbaz

    i got 90% marks. can i join mbbs ?