Graduate Record Examination (GRE)- Your Ticket to success in life

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Students in Universities and recent University graduates are always thinking of how they can be successful in life. What is it that they can do that will open all sorts of opportunities for them. Well there is no short cut to success, but one thing that any student can do that will ensure that he is far above the rest in Pakistan is to do really well in the GRE test.  Doing well on GRE means that you will change your league and leave behind 99% of your competition. I ll explain in this post what doing well on GRE test can do for you.

Here are some of the benefits:-

1. All top ranked universities in the United States and also in Australia, Canada and even some in UK require a really good score in GRE to grant admission to any applicant. This is the only way for top universities to differentiate between thousands of applicants, who have all done well at their undergraduate programs. Since this test is standardized all over the world so a good score means a good score any where in the world compared to getting a good grade at a local university which might mean nothing to Harvard or Stanford.

2. There is no need to explain that graduating from Harvard, MIT, Stanford, Caltech etc can mean that you never worry about a job for the rest of your life. You get to decide which country you want to live in, and what salary is acceptable. Your visa application never gets rejected.

3. You need a lot of money to study at top ranked universities. Off course you dont have that kind of money, so you apply for university funding or university scholarship. Guess how do the universities decide whom to give the funding? Yea you guessed it right. Its based on your GRE score.

4. In the latest data released by Harvard and MIT where per semester tuition cost can run as high as US$ 30,000 per semester, around 70% of the total students applied for funding. Can you Guess how many got the funding? ALL of them. 100% of all applicants got the funding. That means that if you can get the admission you can get the funding. But for the admission you need GRE.

5. USEF is running the largest fullbright scholarship program in the world for Pakistan. Over 200 Fully Funded scholarships for MS and PhD at any university in USA even Harvard and MIT which are the most expensive. In addition it gives a living stipend of around US$1200-1700 per month. Thousands of students apply for these scholarships each year. How does USEF decide whom to award the scholarship? Well by now you have already guessed it. Its primarily based on your GRE score.

6. HEC grants many full funded scholarships to students for MS and PhD. 90% of these scholarships are for non english speaking countries like Korea, china, and Europe where there is no tuition fee. These scholarships are granted on the basis of GAT test conducted by NTS Pakistan. However they do reserve 10% scholarships for USA, UK, Australia, Canada etc. Guess how do they decide who gets the 10% scholarships? Its based on GRE test.

7. Let us say you want to do MBA so you are thinking well I dont need GRE, I need to appear in GMAT. Well here is a surprise for you. Top business schools like Harvard, MIT, Stanford, Cambridge etc accept GRE for admission in place of GMAT if GMAT is not available.


In summary a good score in GRE will get you admission, scholarships, fundings to study at the best Universities of the world, which in turn will completely change your life and the opportunities available to you. You ll join the elite club of the world where visas, citizen ship, residence, money etc become non issues.

In the next post I ll explain what is considered a good score in GRE and how to prepare for the GRE test.

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  • Saad Hamid

    Looking forward to your next post Sir. I am a little confused as I am looking forward to a Masters and thinking what would be more beneficial for me, a GRE or a GMAT.

    Also I would like to apply for Fullbright so I think GRE is a must.

    How many months of preparation is required by an average student to get a good score in GRE? And by good I mean one that is acceptable by USEF for Fullbright.

    • jehanzeb_ahmad

      Dear Saad
      For MS you need a GRE. GMAT is not acceptable for any degree other than MBA, whereas GRE is required for admission in all other graduate programs. And yes for fullbright GRE is a must. For your other questions regarding preparation for GRE I all soon write a post on it.

  • Marry David

    Good information about GRE it is very useful for students

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  • usman

    sir GRE and GAT is same??

    • jehanzeb_ahmad

      No not at all. GRE is an international exam conducted by ETS USA, where as GAT is conducted by NTS, Pakistan. GRE is a hell of lot difficult than GAT.

  • Maria Smith

    Good information about GRE it is very useful for students

    Data Interpretation for GRE Test

  • tariq_khan

    Sir a low GPa let’s say round about 2.5-2.8 and a GRE score say 320-330 , any chances of getting scholarship…??