Garbage In – Garbage Out

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The distribution of I.Q or talent or skills is uniformly distributed in a population. Generally speaking out of a random sample of 100 people, only 10 have the right mental skills, intelligence and perseverance to succeed in university level education. That is why in developed countries university education is for only the top 10% of the population. Assuming that the same distribution holds for Pakistan, only 10% of its younger population is suitable for university education. The problem is that out of these 10%, only 1% or less can actually afford education. Therefore that leaves another 9% talented students who end up doing menial jobs like domestic servant, car mechanic, plumber etc or they open a retail shop of some sort. This is what is happening to the general population of Pakistan who are not rich. Now the other case is the rich class where everyone can afford university education. However since distribution of intelligence is still uniform even in rich class, therefore out of 100 rich people, only 10 are suitable for university education. The remaining 90 should in principle be mechanics or domestic servants (based on their intelligence and I.Q) or be running a small retail shop.However since all of them can afford to pay university fees, and since there are hundreds of private universities in Pakistan, who will admit anyone in any program who is willing to pay, hence the remaining 90 rich low I.Q students end up going to the university as well. So the general make of a typical class of 100 students at a private university is

Talented student from general population = 01

Talented students from rich class = 10

Low I.Q and unsuited for university education students from rich class = 89

Total = 100

Just imagine the environment of a class where 90% of students are unfit for university education, and have a couldn’t care less attitude on top of it as well. Can there be any competition in such a class?, can there be any worth of brilliance or hard work among such a collection of students?, Can there be any thirst for knowledge or skill? The straight answer is NO. In such an environment there can be NO quality, no intelligent discourse, no intellectual discussions, no understanding of reading material what so ever. Even if the university appoints a PhD from MIT to teach such students, there is absolutely nothing he can do. In computer sciences there is a common saying which is “Garbage in – Garbage out”.Explained simply if you give garbage data to computer, it will spit out garbage answers as well. So that is what most of our universities are doing. They are taking in garbage and throwing out garbage after 04 years.

We are producing doctors who cannot put an I-V line in a dying patient, we have engineers who don’t know calculus, we have computer science graduates who cannot program, we have lawyers who cannot read or write, we have MBAs who don’t know what fiscal deficit is. A glaring example of the complete ignorance and lack of understanding of basic sciences of our science students was exposed when some fraudster claimed that he could run a car engine on free hydrogen. The most so called educated Physics graduates and engineers believed him. It showed that they don’t know the first thing about the most basic of universal laws of science.Our graduates haven’t read a single book other than text books all of their lives. Most graduates haven’t even read the text books, as they just learnt from the power point lecture slides.

There can be no quality, unless the admission is on merit and merit alone, and not on the ability to pay the tuition fees. So long as we plan to run universities like businesses we will have these thousands of unemployed university graduates who cannot read, write, understand or have any willingness to do so either. On the other hand, our most talented and promising young people, our future Abus Salams, Qadeer Khans would continue to work as plumbers, car mechanics and Barbers.

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  • Mahd Rashid

    Sir, I would agree with most of what is mentioned, however the problem is not only related to the intake, in fact the course being taught and the way it is being taught should be mended first. The course taught is very limited and suitable only for RND. A rote learner would benefit the most from it, as the teacher and the course itself would focus more on words rather than its meaning.
    The way the course is taught makes the students look at the clock all the time, waiting for the tiresome, uninterseting, unrealsitic & intangible lecture to end. The same students went to reputable university in Karachi, where the lecturers are graduates/ PHDs of MIT, Harvard etc. There they say that they are hardly able to notice when the lecture started and when it ended. The transition of the lecture is soo smooth and intersting that by its end they say “its over already ?”
    Lastly i would blame the universities for not filtering out the “garbage” during the tenure of 4 years. Through proper evaluation and diversity in course it is possbile to do this filtering, but why would our universities make such policies and lose their precious funds?

  • Bhaijan

    Can you give an example of a university which looks at your money and not your merit? Last I checked all private universities (that I know of) look at merit.

  • Waleed Butt

    Assalam o Alaikum sir.

    i have done bcom with first division from university of karachi

    now em planning to do MBA marketing & IT, i am permanent resident in jeddah , Saudi arabia and will do job over there,

    Kindly suggest me from where i can do MBA

    i can pay 40,000 for 6 months aprox.

    Thank u

    Reply me as soon as possible sir.