Favorite study destinations for Pakistani Students

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I wanted to do a survey of where most of the Pakistani students want to go for higher studies if tuition fee, scholarships, visa etc is not a consideration. Since there was no way to interview thousands of students desirous of higher studies abroad, I decided to use Google Keyword tool to find the number of monthly searches by Pakistani students related to higher education in various countries of the world. The assumption underlying this study was that the number of searches related to education for a particular country is directly related to the preference for a particular country.

So here is the list of favorite countries for higher education for Pakistani Students  based on data of the month of March 2013.

1. United Kingdom

2. Australia

3. Canada

4. Germany

5. Italy

6. Malaysia

7. Sweden

8. Finland


10. China

11. USA

12. India

13. Newzealand

14. Turkey

15. France

16. Bangkok

17. Cypress

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