Fastest growing jobs in Australia

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Listed below are the fastest growing jobs in Australia based on official Australian sources. These are the areas in which most new jobs will be created in Australia in the next 5 to 10 years.

1.  Home   health   aids

2.   Network  systems  &  data comm specialists

3.  Medical assistants

4.  Physician assistants

5.  Computer software engineers (applications)

6.  Physical therapists assistants

7.  Dental hygienists

8.  Computer software engineers

9.  Dental assistants

10.  Personal and home care aides

11.  Network  and  computer  systems  admin

12.  Database administrators

13.   Physical  therapists

14.  Forensic science technicians

15.  Veterinary technologists & technicians


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  • Bilal Virk

    How to get job in Australia???

  • saad alvi

    Dear sir:
    I am a Dental assistant in pakistan,karachi. since last 3 years, how can I get job in australia ? plz tell me

    • jehanzeb_ahmad

      Dear Saad,
      Getting a job directly in Australia would be difficult with your qualifications, however you should check the immigration option to Australia. If your profession falls in the selected fields for immigration (which is available on the Australian embassy website) you can get immigration. Getting a job after that would be much easier as you will not be required to have a work visa for Australia and you can go and live there and find a job.

  • Bilal Khan

    dear sir i am a civil diploma holder in pakistan civil technology 3 year how can i get job in australia plz tell me i am waiting for you plz