Erasmus Mundus Scholarships for Pakistani Students

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Imagine a scholarship for doing Masters or PhD /Doctorate that pays for your entire tuition fee, gives you a living stipend of up to 3000 Euros (almost Rs 400,000/-) per month and allows you to study at two to five different countries in Europe and even in USA. It even pays you around 2000 euros per year for travelling. Yes there is such a scholarship for Pakistani students and its called “Erasmus Mundus”. It is one of my favorite scholarships to get and gives you the best possible experience of higher education that you can ever imagine.

Erasmus Mundus scholarships are designed and administrated by the European Union. Every masters and PhD scholarship is divided among a consortium of Universities with a minimum of two universities and it could go upto 5 or 6 universities in case of PhD scholarships. After getting a scholarship you start your studies at one university in Europe for e.g KTH Sweden and then after spending some time you go to another country. After spending some time in other countries you come back to where you started. At the end you can get  even a joint / dual masters or PhD degree.

In some PhD scholarships you start off from Netherlands then go to France then to Italy and then to USA and come back. You can spend anywhere from 18 months to 3 months at any one place. (However this is decided by the participating universities for a particular masters or doctorate).

Duration for which you ll get the stipend can be one to two years for a masters and three years for a doctorate. Stipend varies according to your area and starts from 1000 Euros per month and goes upto 3000 Euros per month. This is enough money to be able to live very comfortably in Europe as a student.

The applications deadlines vary for each degree and is between Jan and march of each year.

One point to know about Erasmus Mundus is that they have given a list of  topics / areas for Masters and doctorates that you can apply against. Therefore these are not generic scholarships which allow you to study anything after you get a scholarship, but rather you have to apply against a specific topic for Masters or PhD. This year there are 138 areas for Masters and 43 areas of PhD for Pakistani Nationals. The scholarship amount is different for each area.

The topics for Masters and PhD are varied and include areas like  Engineering , Agriculture, forestry, business, law, social sciences, mathematics, and many other areas. I am sure you can find one area of your liking from the list on their website.

In my opinion Erasmus Mundus are excellent scholarships that allow you to live in many countries of Europe, study at the best European universities, and get invaluable social and cultural experience and exposure in the process. I would highly recommend all Pakistani students to avail this golden opportunity.

So far around 400 students from Pakistan have been awarded these scholarships since 2004.

In certain cases even IELTS or TOEFL is not required, however the competition is tough and you will be interviewed on Skype by Professors from European universities, if you get short listed. The interview will be around one hour duration and will consist of technical and non technical questions.

For more detailed information on Erasmus Mundus, application forms and areas of study you can go to the following link

Erasmus Mundus official site


If you have any questions regarding this scholarship you can ask in the discuss section below.

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