Allama Iqbal Open University (AIOU)

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Brief introduction 

AIOU (Allama Iqbal Open University) is the largest university of Pakistan and among the 5 largest universities of the world in terms of student population. Approximately 1.0 Million students are enrolled in AIOU in various programs and degree levels.

AIOU is the only university that provides education starting from Matric all the way to PhD.  AIOU provides education through distance learning which makes it very cheap.


Tuition Costs

Tuition costs of studying at AIOU varies from Rs 5000 to Rs 35000 per semester depending on your degree.

AIOU follows the semester system of education, and has two semesters per year. Spring semester starts in Feb / March and ends in June, and Fall semester starts in September and ends in January.  Duration of both semesters is 18 weeks.

Admission at AIOU:-

Admissions are also offered twice a year from feb 1 to Feb 25 which has been extended till March 4th 2013 for this year and then admissions are offered from July 23 to August 24.

For Phd, Msc,  and teacher education programs admissions are offered only once a year in July through August.

AIOU admission notice

AIOU 2013 admission notice and announcement

For latest AIOU admission Notice and announcement click on the image above for larger view

Teaching Method

For teaching various methods are used by AIOU. They are through radio and TV channels, correspondence, internet and study centers.

There are 37 AIOU regional centers in Pakistan where students can attend classes. In addition in almost every town of Pakistan, AIOU has appointed Tutors for the students. These qualified tutors provide guidance, teaching and conduct examinations.  For practical courses like information Technology area study centers have been established throughout Pakistan to provide access to computer labs or other labs where required.

Should you get a degree from AIOU? Well the answer to that question depends on a number of factors. The first and foremost is where are you currently living. If you are living in any remote or far flung area of Pakistan where there are no Universities and you are not in a position to relocate to a larger city, then getting a degree from AIOU is a good option for you.

AIOU is also an attractive option for females who due to social issues cannot attend a university or have to study from home because of their responsibilities. It becomes an ideal match for them to gain knowledge and get a degree.

AIOU is also a good option for people who are  already in full time jobs and cannot attend classes at a regular university. They need the degree to get a promotion in their organization. In that case distance education is suitable for them as well.

 HEC Recognition 

Are the degrees offered by AIOU recognized by HEC? YES they are. All of them. However do remember that just because a degree is recognized by HEC doesn’t mean that it will carry a lot of worth in the eyes of the employers. Private sector specially prefers graduates from universities where they have attended classes and not through distance learning.


Here is a complete list of all degrees offered  by AIOU through out Pakistan.


Phd Degrees offered by AIOU


Ph.D. Iqbal Studies

Ph.D. Urdu

Ph.D. Education in Distance and Non-formal Education (DNFE)

Ph.D. Economics (M.Phil Based)

Ph.D. Chemistry

Ph.D. Statistics

Ph.D. Physics

Ph.D. Food and Nutrition

Ph.D. in Agricultural Extension

Ph.D. Teacher Education

Ph.D. Educational Planning & Management (EPM)

Ph.D. Special Education (M.Phil based)

Ph.D. in Islamic Law and Jurisprudence

Ph.D in Pakistani Languages and Literature


MPhil and MS degrees offered by AIOU are:-


M.Phil Education in Distance and Non-formal Education (DNFE)


M.S (Science Education)

M.Phil Iqbal Studies

M.Phil in Islamic Law and Jurisprudence

M.Phil Urdu

M.Phil Educational Planning & Management (EPM)

M.Phil Physics

M.Phil Mass Communication

M.Phil Statistics

M.Phil Economics

M.Phil Food and Nutrition

M.Phil in Pakistani Languages and Literature

M.S. Computer Science

M.Phil Chemistry

M.Phil Teacher Education

M.S. Community Health & Nutrition

M.Phil  Pakistani Languages and Literature


MSc / MA degrees offered by AIOU are :-


M.Sc. Physics

M.A Islamic Studies

M.A Urdu

M.A Special Education

M.Sc. Forestry Extension

M.A Arabic

M.A  in Library and Information Sciences (MLIS)

M.Sc. Sociology

M.Sc. Mathematics

M.Sc. Agricultural Extension

M.Sc. Gender & Women Studies

Post Graduate Diploma in Gender & Women Studies

M.Ed in Special Education

M.Ed. (Science Education)

M.Ed. Distance and Non-formal Education (DNFE)

M.Sc. Pakistan Studies

M.A Teaching of English as a Foreign Language (TEFL)

Post Graduate Diploma in Teaching of English as a Foreign Language (TEFL)

Master in Educational Planning & Management (EPM)

M.Sc. Economics

M.A History

M.Sc. Comunity Health and Nutrition

M.Sc. Mass Communication

M.A Education (DNFE)

M.Sc. Chemistry

MPA Executive

M.Sc. Statistics

M.Sc. Environmental Design

MBA Executive (Col. MBA/MPA)

MBA (Banking and Finance)


MBA (Marketing & HRM)

M.Ed. Teacher Education

Post Graduate Diploma in Dietetics for Dieticians

Post Graduate Diploma in Nutrition

M.A Teacher Education

Certificate Course in Gender & Women Studies

Master in Commerce (M.Com)


M.Sc.(Hons) Live Stock

M.Sc. (Hons) Rural Development

Bachelors degrees offered by AIOU are :-


 Bachelor of Commerce (B.Com)

B.S (Chemistry)

Bachelor in Mass Communication

Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA)

Bachelor of Library and Information Sciences

Bachelor of Dars-e-Nizami

Bachelor of Science (Computer Science)

B.Sc. (Vision Sceinces)

B.Sc.(Hons) in Vision Sciences

Bachelor of Arts (General Group)

B.S (Micro Biology) 4 Years

B Ed Arts

B Ed Arabic

Intermediate level


Intermediate in Commerce (I.Com)

Higher Secondary School Certificate (Dars-E-Nazami Group)

Higher Secondary School Certificate (F.Sc. Pre-Engineering)

Higher Secondary School Certificate (F.Sc. Pre-Medical)

Higher Secondary School Certificate (General Group)


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