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FC College which stands for Forman Christian College is actually a University recognized by HEC. It comes in the Public sector Government university category, however it is running mostly on self finance basis and hence the fees for FC college are similar to any private university. For a four year bachelors degree the annual fee is in the range of Rs 112,000 to Rs 200,000 per year depending on the degree. BBA and computing degrees are more expensive than other disciplines. In addition FC college offers admission in Masters and PhD program in almost all areas except Engineering and Medicine.

The campus of FC college is huge and is spread on more than 100 Acres. It is ideally located in the center of Lahore. Not many universities within Lahore have such a nice and huge campus.

FC college has hostel facilities both for boys and girls. The hostels can accomodate around 600 students. The annual charges for the hostel are Rs 35,000 to 75000 per year depending on how many people are sharing the room, but this includes meals and other expenses.

Admission in granted on the basis of its own entrance test called FEAT.

On campus there are lush green lawns, swimming pool, natural history museum, botanical garden and a very large library.

Over all it provides a really nice student experience compared to studying in a university opened in a plaza.


The university has the following departments where admissions are being offered.

        Biological Sciences

        Business (School of Management)


        Computer Science




        Environmental Sciences Program


        Health and Physical Education


        Mass Communication




        Political Science

        Public Policy and Governance (Centre for Public Policy and Governance)


        Religious Studies




Website for FC college is

Contact 042-99231581-8


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